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World Series Game 1: Carlos Beltran sustains injury while robbing grand slam, of course

The St. Louis Cardinals squandered yet more Carlos Beltran postseason heroics, but at least we got a cool GIF out of it.

Rob Carr

When it comes time to mount a Hall of Fame campaign for Carlos Beltran, it might be a good idea to present this particular postseason heroic without any further context. Just drop the GIF into the conversation and walk right out of it. Something like this. "Hey, here's Carlos Beltran robbing a grand slam from David Ortiz in Game 1 of the World Series, just another one of those cool postseason things he did, remember that but not too well hopefully?"

Carlos Beltran saved a David Ortiz grand slam. Torii Hunter i... on Twitpic

Don't tell anybody the score. Don't tell anybody what led to the Boston Red Sox loading the bases on the St. Louis Cardinals. Don't tell anybody about how everybody else was playing defense. Just present it in the middle of a bunch of game-changing Beltran hits, maybe even as some kind of subliminal message. Definitely don't tell anybody that Carlos Beltran appeared to injure himself on the play, and left after the inning.

Of course, if the Cardinals come back and win this, forget all of this advice and begin using the words "turning point" as much as possible. We have however long Beltran plays plus five years to work this plot out; I'm just offering some early guidance, here.

Update: Early word out of the press box suggests Carlos Beltran has a right rib contusion, which is one of those injury descriptors just vague enough to be scary. Here's Derrick Goold: