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Viva El Birdos Op/Ed

Baseball Stars and baseball realities

When it comes to players like Matt Adams, Mike Matheny seems devoted to an idea of who the player is long after the reality says otherwise.

There's nothing wrong with booing Jason Heyward

Jason Heyward now plays for the Cubs so if you're the booing type feel free to let him have it.

You should calm down about Martinez's "emotions"

The 24 year-old fireballer looks like a future star, in spite of largely misguided concerns that he will let his emotions get the best of him.

A few thoughts on Rob Rains' "Taking Flight" book

From John Mozeliak to Travis Tartamella, author Rob Rains does a fine job documenting what it means to be a St. Louis Cardinal.

In defense of freaking out about the Cards' opener

There’s no reason to make a big deal over yesterday’s loss. But if you want to that’s fine, too.

The Cardinals can increase fans in a 2-sport town

With the departure of the NFL's Rams, the Cardinals have an opportunity in 2016 to unite St. Louis like never before.

Wainwright doesn't love bat flips & that's fine

Showing emotion in baseball is natural and should be encouraged but also understood that it won't always be of the joyful variety.

The sad hypocrisy of Aroldis Chapman's suspension

By treating the disturbing details of Aroldis Chapman's domestic violence incident with less severity than it treats recreational drug use, Major League Baseball showed a dangerous level of apathy to a societal epidemic.

Cardinals should not rush Yadier Molina back

Imagining the Cardinals in a 32-team league

MLB expansion would likely change the league as we know it. What would it mean for the Cardinals?

The Qualifying Offer system works and is terrible

The current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) changed the free agent compensation system. It has worked exactly as it was supposed to, which is not good because it is a bad system to begin with.

The "neighborhood play" & a proposed rule change

Politics, religion and the designated hitter

It's one of those topics that's near-impossible to change anybody's mind on, but there are reasons beyond "tradition" to remain devoted to the National League game.

Jason Heyward does not owe Cardinals fans a thing

The disappointment that Jason Heyward signed with the Chicago Cubs is understandable, but it is the nature of a business we sometimes have difficulty grasping.

MLB needs to punish domestic abusers

It is time for Major League Baseball to step up to the plate.

Foolish Hall of Fame voting rules hurt Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time this year. He had a great career and deserves induction, but current rules risk him falling off the ballot entirely.

Alex Reyes suspension and powerless minor leaguers

Alex Reyes made a mistake, and it will cost him the first part of next year's season, but that he is losing any time at all is due to his lack of power as a minor league player.

Trevor Rosenthal and family values

The Cardinals are not skimming Cards Care money

The Cardinals' charity reportedly "really did not want to answer Deadspin's questions", but they answered mine.

On rendering pitchers "unavailable" for the ASG

Unless the pitcher threw on the Sunday before the All-Star Game, they should be available to pitch in the game.

The All-Star Game is not an exhibition

Despite what The Man wants you to believe, there is room for competition outside the MLB regular season and playoffs.

ASG Final Vote: Carlos Martinez v. Clayton Kershaw

In which I explain why I am voting Kershaw over Martinez.

Mike Matheny burying Peter Bourjos again

Last season, Peter Bourjos was relegated to a bench role after a slow start, but still received playing time. This season, Bourjos is struggling to find any playing time at all despite the injury to Matt Holliday and an ineffective Jon Jay.

'Hacking,' IP, and the Court of Public Opinion

Who is ultimately responsible doesn't really matter in cases like these, it's only who the public thinks is responsible.

Matt Carpenter's break should be a wake-up call

After missing four games and taking five days off due to extreme fatigue, Matt Carpenter is expected to return to the team today. Regardless of what happened with Carpenter, his time off should serve as a reminder that players need more breaks.

With defined role, Carlos Martinez will thrive

Carlos Martinez, fresh off being named the team's fifth starter, will thrive in 2015.

Spring Training competitions are fair

The Cardinals want every player to come in and compete for a roster spot. Competitions are set up that the public often sees as between players, but often the player is competing to meet expectations to secure a spot on the team.

MLB announces new Game 162 scheduling rules

For the sake of Adam Wainwright's elbow, I'm glad these rules weren't in effect last season. However, as a baseball fan, I'm glad MLB is making this change going forward.

On the St. Louis Cardinals honoring Oscar Taveras

Rest in peace, Oscar Taveras (1992-2014) and Edilia Arvelo (1996-2014).

Should the Cardinals sign Colby Rasmus?

Perhaps the better question is: Would Colby Rasmus would consider coming back to the Cardinals? I think both sides have good reasons to let bygones be bygones.

Jim Edmonds belongs in the MLB Hall of Fame

Jim Edmonds dominated baseball for a decade (1995-2005). Because of this, and his overall body of work for that matter, Jimmy Ballgame belongs in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Examining the 2015 Hall of Fame ballot

Because, hey, I've got strong opinions (understatement of the century) and dammit, they shall be heard.