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Viva El Birdos Op/Ed

I have never seen the St. Louis Cardinals lose like this

Really, I haven’t!

I had so much fun at Winter Warm-Up

I went to Winter Warm-Up for the first time and had a blast!

The way we talk about athletes matters

How rhetoric influences a sports culture that views humans as anything but

John Gant, King of Kings

An ode on the occasion of a momentous event

John Mozeliak was wrong to criticize Dexter Fowler’s effort

Mozeliak’s comments only aggravate an already delicate situation

An error made during the game is not a reflection of a the person that made it - A Hunt and Peck

We all need to stop attributing baseball mistakes to character flaws.

The selfish fan argument for paying minor leaguers

Baseball losing talent because of a refusal to pay a living wage to minor leaguers is terrible for the sport.

The Cardinals should pay their minor leaguers more

Many professional athletes fail to make a living wage. It's time for the Cardinals to change that.

A wishlist for

What I’d like to see implemented into future iterations of the MLB product.

Mike Matheny made the right call on anthem protests

The Cardinals manager made appropriate comments regarding players potentially joining in protests of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Mike Matheny fought for his team on Wednesday

Could he be the spark plug the Cardinals need down the stretch?

Playing the blame game is never a good look

Some things are best left in the locker room.

The Cardinals should host Pride Night at Busch Stadium

Over half of MLB teams will host an LGBT community night in 2017. The Cardinals should be one of them.

MLB is a better product without interleague play

Baseball is likely stuck with interleague play for the foreseeable future and that’s a shame.

The Tweet That Said Too Much

The Cardinals’ Twitter account did a thing yesterday. And it wasn’t nearly as fun as that great comeback last night. But still, maybe it bears talking about.

Ray Lankford isn’t a candidate for the Cardinals Hall of Fame and that’s a disgrace

Time to right a wrong

Dexter Fowler, baseball player, is a human being, too

Probed about President Trump’s executive order, Dexter Fowler, whose family is directly affected, responds.

Nearing the crossroads of unconditional fan support

The Cardinals don’t have a problem drawing fans but there’s no guarantee that will last forever.

Has the Cardinals ownership become complacent?

For 15+ years, Bill DeWitt and Co. were hailed for their innovation. But what have you done for me lately?

Have we forever lost the (smug) upper hand to Cubs fans?

Administer last rites to all the 1908 jokes. They’re gone for good.

Low Cardinals ticket prices are a good thing

Chicago Cubs fans paid a small fortune for playoff tickets last weekend. St. Louis Cardinals fans should not apologize for paying less.

In praise of Kolten Wong

The 2nd baseman of the past should be the 2nd baseman of the future.

How much do the Cardinals miss Jose Oquendo?

The thing about a Secret Weapon is, you never realize how much you needed it until it's gone.

Cheering for the 2016 Cardinals has felt more like an obligation than a privilege

The MLB replay system is broken

Does the commissioner’s office intend to fix it?

Cards broadcasters could learn from Vin Scully

A brief salute to the play-by-play legend, while also throwing a little shade.

Mike Matheny should be fired

It’s time for John Mozeliak to fix his biggest mistake: Hiring Mike Matheny

Jonathan Broxton: A Cardinals’ failure from the top down

Cardinals should keep Matt Holliday next year

The Cardinals have a $17 million option next year on Matt Holliday, who might be better than his stats have shown this season.

The ethics of rooting for/against Aroldis Chapman

New Cubs acquisition Aroldis Chapman is a despicable miscreant, but it is difficult to define what rooting for or against him says about us not just as fans, but as people.

Cardinals’ hacking scandal isn't about fairness

Those who want draft picks or signings taken away from the Cardinals due to the hacking scandal want to see the Cardinals humbled, and it makes no sense to pretend otherwise.

Thank God the Cardinals didn't sign Jason Heyward

Most of us believed the former Cardinal was the best free agent on the market. What this article presupposes is, maybe he wasn't?


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