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2013 Gamethreads

Cubs at Cardinals Open Thread: Lance Lynn Day

Lance Lynn is mad that you're thinking about Michael Wacha already.

Cardinals at Dodgers open thread

Hypothesis: Carlos Beltran feels the need to bunt because every fifth day Joe Kelly is unavailable to play small-ball off the bench.

Even more Cards vs. Pirates Open Thread

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to play even more baseball.

Cards vs. Pirates Game 1 Open Thread

A doubleheader right before the trade deadline seems like a gross misuse of open thread resources.



Cardinals at Braves Open Thread: Kelly v. Teheran

Joe Kelly's internet history is just a bunch of return visits to Jake Peavy's Wikipedia page.

Cards at Braves Open Thread: Adam Wainwright day

J.D. Drew could not be reached for comment.

Phillies at Cards Open Thread: Lynn v. Kendrick

Both of these guys could be superhero secret identities or love interests in Adam Sandler movies.

2013 MLB All-Star Game Open Thread

Two of the Cardinals' six All-Stars were noticeably unpopular during introductions.

Cards at Cubs Open Thread: Lynn vs. Garza

In his career to date Lance Lynn is 30-11 with 333 strikeouts in 323 innings (and a basically league-average ERA, somehow.)

Cards vs. Cubs Open Thread

Joe Kelly makes his second start since becoming the fifth starter.

Oh God, That's Bud Norris's Music Open Thread

Adam Wainwright and a certain Houston Astros pitcher.

Cards vs. Marlins Open Thread: Kelly vs. Eovaldi

After falling for all kinds of fifth starters only to get hurt, again and again, the Cardinals finally realized that the guy of their dreams had been with them all along.

Cardinals vs. Marlins Open Thread

Jake Westbrook starts are less boring if you do a little worldbuilding. In my universe, every fly ball Jake Westbrook allows lands on and destroys a tiny city of sentient creatures.

Cardinals at Pujols Gamethread: Lynn v. Weaver

If I were on the AL side of SB Nation I would misspell "Jered" at least once a month.

Cards at A's Open Thread: Wainwright Day

The thing I love about interleague is it gets us these natural rivalries.

Cards at Astros Open Thread

Stealth Interleague edition.


in which Shelby Miller toes the rubber against Martin Perez whenever it's done raining.It's June 22! Shelby is 22! So is Martin Perez. There's your pre-game analysis.

Rangers at Cardinals GT

Holland vs. Lyons Kelly We'll start tonight's tilt at 4-4, just for larfs!

Cardinals at Marlins Open Thread: Lynn vs. Koehler

Lance Lynn, the other Cardinals starter in the middle of a career year.

Cards at Marlins Open Thread: Westbrook Day

Jake Westbrook is proof there's life after 21 for members of the St. Louis Cardinals' rotation.

Cards at Mets Open Thread: Wacha Time

I should probably know Jeremy Hefner is a real person by now.

Cards at Reds Gamethread: Lyons vs. Latos

The Tyler Lyons experience continues.


St Louis tries to finish the 4-game set all even up.

Cardinals vs. Royals Open Thread

The biggest difference between the old Cardinals and the new Cardinals: The old Cardinals would have been the ones starting Ervin Santana in this game.

Cardinals top Royals behind Yadier Molina's bat

Yadier Molina isn't as interesting a story as the St. Louis Cardinals' inexhaustible supply of pitchers, but he's even more crucial.

Cards at Padres Open Thread

If you need to get more psyched up, pretend Volquez is still a Red.

Cards vs. Brewers Gamethread: Lynn vs. Estrada

Lance Lynn's strikeout rate is higher this year than it was last year, which is nice.

Cards host Brewers 5/17 Gamethread

Our fragile hero Jaime "The Artist of the Mound" Garcia takes on "Wily" Wily Peralta

Tony Cruz behind the plate: Cards vs. Mets

This is a game thread where we talk about game and threads.

Mets at Cardinals Open Thread: Gee vs. Gast

If John Gast picks somebody off tonight, this is going to be a very loud gamethread.

Cards host Rockies 5/11 Gamethread

Can Adam Wainwright keep things rolling along all copacetic?