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Viva El Birdos Community Projections 2018

Evaluating the optimism and pessimism of VEB community projections

Will VEB readers outperform ZiPS? Here are some possible blind spots in the projections.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Luke Gregerson

The VEB community’s demand for piping hot Luke Gregerson content necessitates this.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Brett Cecil

Does VEB expect the second-year reliever to become the bullpen star many expected him to be?

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Jose Martinez

Let’s see how y’all projected my best friend Jose Martinez to do this season.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Paul DeJong

Is the community buying his breakout rookie season?

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Jedd Gyorko

Let’s see where VEB sees the Cardinals third baseman’s season heading

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Tommy Pham

The community is buying into the outfielder’s outstanding 2017 campaign.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Tyler Lyons

What does VEB have to say about Tyler Lyons?

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Marcell Ozuna

The VEB community foresees a monster St. Louis debut for the recently-acquired slugger.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Adam Wainwright

Check out how the readership thinks the veteran’s 2018 season will stack up

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Kolten Wong

Do readers see a breakout on the horizon for the Cardinals second baseman?

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Miles Mikolas

Nobody can accuse VEB readers of being homers for this one.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Dexter Fowler

How will one of the team’s most Online players respond in his sophomore season in St. Louis?

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Michael Wacha

Let’s see what y’all think.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Yadier Molina

Here’s what y’all had to say about Yadier Molina.

VEB 2018 Projections Results: Matt Carpenter

Here’s what VEB had to say about Matt Carpenter.

2018 VEB Community Projections: Last Call

Let your voice be heard for any players you may have missed the first go-around.

2018 VEB Community Projections: Luke Gregerson

The new Cardinals closer has been a standout before but struggled last season. Where will he stand in 2018?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Brett Cecil

The lefty reliever had an up-and-down first season in St. Louis. Can Brett Cecil gain the trust of Cardinals fans in 2018?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Jose Martinez

Can Jose Martinez keep up or even build upon his breakthrough 2017?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Carlos Martinez

How will the team’s premier starting pitcher fare on the mound in 2018?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Paul DeJong

The second-year shortstop came out of nowhere to seize the starting job last year. What will 2018 hold for DeJong?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Jedd Gyorko

To have a third baseman as perfect as Gyork store and to never use him...

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Tommy Pham

What will Pham's encore look like after his performance last season?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Tyler Lyons

If he succeeds in relief in 2018, Tyler Lyons could be even more handsomely rewarded in arbitration in 2019.

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Marcell Ozuna

What are your expectations for Ozuna's first season in St. Louis?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Kolten Wong

Make your predictions for the Cardinals' starting second baseman

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Adam Wainwright

In the final year of his contract, will Adam Wainwright bounce back and be a key part of the rotation?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Miles Mikolas

He is the Lizard King! He can do anything!

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Dexter Fowler

After injury hampered his first year in the Gateway City, will Fowler show St. Louis what he’s got in 2018?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Michael Wacha

Does anybody really know what Michael Wacha is?

VEB 2018 Community Projections: Yadier Molina

How do you think the St. Louis backstop will fare in 2018?


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