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Viva El Birdos After Dark

The Cardinals do not need to pursue a Starting Pitcher

They have a little more reason to be opportunistic, but there is no need to make a panic move.

Luke Weaver’s new opportunities in 2017

A bittersweet side effect of the Alex Reyes injury news could be the oft-overlooked Cardinals prospect stepping up in 2017.

The load just got heavier for the Cardinals’ rotation

Given the timing of Alex Reyes’s injury, the big question is what now. 

Don’t worry too much about Lance Lynn’s return from Tommy John Surgery

An analysis of how pitchers do when returning from Tommy John Surgery

Where does Stephen Piscotty rank among MLB’s top right fielders?

According to MLB Network, Stephen Piscotty is barely among MLB’s Top 10 Right Fielders. Should he be higher or off the list all together?

PECOTA launches pre-emptive strike against 2017 Cardinals

PECOTA wants us all to return to the days when people thought the Star Wars prequels were good. If that’s what you want, fine. If not, follow me.

The odds are against Harrison Bader

Bader’s strikeouts and walks are at a level which makes it difficult to succeed in the majors.

The future of the Cardinals rotation is very bright after Carlos Martinez extension

Carlos’ extension comes after the arrival of two promising rookies and before a tidal wave of pitching prospects hits St. Louis.

Carson Kelly and the predictability of top catching prospects

Since it is still far too early to evaluate Carson Kelly’s MLB career, here is a look at MLB careers of players with similar prospect statuses.

The Cardinals’ punishment didn’t need to send a message

No, teams aren’t going to start hacking other teams because of the Cardinals’ perceived light punishment.

The amazing lack of difference between Jhonny Peralta and Jedd Gyorko

The two had very different results in 2016, but going forward they are surprisingly similar.

Putting Alex Reyes’s (theoretical) 2017 into historical perspective

So (if) it turns out ZiPS was correct, the 2017 of the Cardinals’ top prospect is (going to be) something to behold.

Analyzing Lance Lynn’s command and control

Does new pitching data tell us anything about Lance Lynn?

Kolten Wong’s second-half adjustment

An analysis of where Kolten improved in the second half of the season.

The Cardinals have not been complacent this winter

The Cards have been one of the biggest spenders in an underwhelming market

The far-too-early Hall of Fame case of Scott Rolen

Scott Rolen will be a candidate for the Hall of Fame in 2018. He may face an uphill climb, but he warrants serious consideration.

So what’s Michael Wacha’s role this year?

Not this again.

Randal Grichuk’s surgery a reminder of the value of depth

The team’s outfield situation continues to be an area of risk.

Weighing Mike Leake’s results vs. peripherals

In 2016, Mike Leake was let down by his defense. Should we blame Leake or the defense?

Jordan Schafer might be the hero we need

It’s like if Adron Chambers could pitch

A very early look at the 2017-2018 free agent market

This year’s Hot Stove is cooling down. If you’re not ready for it to be over, let’s look ahead to next year’s market.

How the Cardinals can improve their defense

Just consistently play the best defenders!

The need for another outfielder on the Cardinals

Entering the 2017 season with only Dexter Fowler, Randal Grichuk, Stephen Piscotty, and Tommy Pham is an unnecessary risk which the Cardinals can and should avoid.

Where will we see Matt Adams in 2017?

For the first time since Albert Pujols wore the birds on the bat, the Cardinals’ most valuable position player will be playing first base which makes Matt Adams’s future a bit murky.

The Cardinals should bet big on Carlos Martinez

A realistic deal that is a win-win for Carlos, the Cardinals, and us, the fans.

Another vote for bringing Brandon Moss back

Moss is the best outfielder left likely to take a reserve role

Comparing Brian Dozier with in-house second base options

The potentially available Twins second baseman is good. Really good. Is he enough of an improvement to justify a high cost?

One year of Jose Bautista should interest the Cardinals

Sign Joey Bats! (But only for a year)

Edwin Encarnacion still a tough fit for the Cardinals

Even as his market falls, it’s hard to see Edwin wearing the Birds on the Bat

Why signing Mark Trumbo would be a very bad idea

The Orioles reportedly retracted their offer for Mark Trumbo, which the Cardinals should not consider an open invitation to pursue him.

Appreciating Matt Carpenter’s versatility

Matt Adams’ lack of trade value

The Cardinals are listening for offers, but there are a lot of similar players on the market.