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Viva El Birdos After Dark

Cardinals Brendan Donovan places third in Rookie of the Year voting - VEB (at night)

The results are in.

There are still elimination games to be played — VEB... at night

Here is a clean thread for you!

Visualizing the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry

Charts galore to illustrate the history of one of the great rivalries in all of sports

The coldest game ever played - An evening of non-Cardinals sports open thread

Monday’s game is canceled, but there are still others to watch.

Carlos Martinez hosts 3rd-annual Tsunami Waves charity bowling event

Martinez continues to make waves...on the field and off.

Michael Wacha to have start skipped

Cardinals preaching caution

The Cardinals probably shouldn’t extend Lance Lynn

There’s a lot of pitching prospects in the top half of the minors, and a fairly good class of pitchers set to be free agents next year.

How much should we fear Lance Lynn’s velocity drop?

The fastball pitcher has thrown slower fastballs since his return from Tommy John surgery.

Stephen Piscotty extension another small win for the Cardinals

The off-season is finally over, but we get some bonus transactional news on the first off-day of 2017

N.L. Central Preview, Part 2

The pitchers on the teams the Cardinals will play the most in 2017

Can Miguel Socolovich maintain his FIP-beating ways?

With a sub-2 Cardinals ERA and a FIP over 3, the Cardinals reliever’s future MLB success is an open question

Is a 4th place finish in the NL Central realistic for the Cardinals?

Sure. But bet against that happening anyway.

N.L. Central Preview, Part 1

A look at the position players on the teams the Cardinals will play the most in 2017.

N.L. Wild Card preview: Part 2

A look at the pitchers on the teams that could figure into the N.L. Wild Card

N.L. Wild Card preview: Part 1

Today, we’ll look at the position players on the teams that could factor into the N.L. Wild Card.

How Matt Carpenter to first created Matt Adams to left field

Pigeonholing the versatile Carpenter to first base led to the controversial Adams-to-LF experiment.

Would being a Cardinal-for-life help Yadier Molina make the Hall of Fame?

An imperfect, unscientific, highly illogical examination

Grading the Cardinals’ off-season

A look at the all of the Cardinals’ off-season decisions condensed to a single grade

Miguel Socolovich should head north with the Cardinals in April

how to juggle the bullpen in a way that ensures depth throughout the season.

The All-Time Cardinals Bracket

Zombies voice It’s the tiiiiiime of the seeeeeeeason for brackets

Dominican Republic versus Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic thread

Yadi vs. El Gallo. It’s on.

The state of the Cardinals farm system

A look at the Cardinals’ top prospects by minor league level

Imagining the 2017 Cardinals as buyers

Will the Cardinals improve their base running in 2017?

Whiteyball may never return, but can the Cardinals become a more efficient running team this season?

Dexter Fowler’s switch hitting could help the Cardinals

Another reason to like the Fowler signing

The aggregate Cardinals Top Prospects list

A look at seven prospect lists to form an industry consensus of the Cardinals’ prospects

The Price of a win: Part 2

More analysis on the cost of a win in the latest free agent market

Is Yadier Molina the greatest Cardinals catcher ever?

Has the veteran catcher passed Ted Simmons for the title of top Cardinals backstop in history?

Yadier Molina and the value of showing up

Yadier Molina might not finish his career with the Cardinals, but his footprint on the organization will be lasting.

The price of a win in the 2016-2017 free agent market

An analysis of 101 deals to reach an average cost of production in the most recent off-season.

Imagining Dexter Fowler’s best self in 2017

Projections say Dexter Fowler should be a slightly above average player in 2017. They’re probably right. But they might not be.

The pros and cons of the tie game for the 2016 Cardinals

How last season would have been different for the Cardinals if there were ties


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