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VEB Movie Club

VEB Movie Club: The Pride of St. Louis (1952)

Dizzy Dean hits the silver screen

VEB Movie Club: Field of Dreams

VEB Movie Club: Bad News Bears (1976)

The classic comedy baseball movie holds up for message it has.

VEB Movie Club: A League of Their Own (1992)

Penny Marshall, Phil Spector and Tom Hanks, R2D2 and Kurosawa, and how Madonna made the Baron a feminist

VEB Movie Club - Eight Men Out

Josey Curtis & J.P. Hill watch "Eight Men Out" and review the movie. Watch it and join the coversation.

VEB Movie Club - Watch “Eight Men Out” With Us

Josey & I are watching "Eight Men Out" for an article on Thursday. Watch with us!

VEB Movie Club: 42

Join us in talking about the movie 42, the movie about Jackie Robinon’s rookie year in the MLB.