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Tsunamy Thursday

carlos martínez on intentional talk (kinda)

check out these cool new hats from tsunami waves


carlos martínez teams up with k cancer

Carlos helps K Cancer

carlos plays golf

And it is like you imagine it - wonderful

carlos martínez and albert pujols are working together

The two foundations are teaming up.

carlos martínez is striking people out

Like, a lot of people.

carlos martínez got more extensions

el gallo trading strikeouts for donations

Donations should be flying in

carlos martínez to start opening night!

¡Viva el Gallo!

el gallo makes wbc debut

And it was awesome.

carlos martinez is having a blast at wbc

Or at least on his way to it.

give to me this bobblehead

cardinals caravan visits puerto plata

It was a blast!

who will be the cardinals opening day starter?

It really doesn’t matter that much, but we still want to know.

eleven cardinals make wbc rosters

carlos martínez owns/íviva el gallo!

íViva El Gallo!

martínez awarded stl baseball man of the year

carlos martínez is back in the 'lou!

We missed him!

watch carlos martínez play vitilla

carlos martínez does the mannequin challenge

this is the best promotion everrrrrrr

gimme gimme gimme

martínez expected to pitch for dr in wbc

The Cardinal righty expects to play on the Dominican Republic team.

carlos martinez is workin' hard

Your weekly Tsunamy update...

extend carlos martínez

do it do it do it do it do it

carlos martínez has a pretty signature

Watch him work his handwriting magic below

your carlos martínez update

Because I know the real reason you all read this column.

el gallo goes to the zoo

A return to normacy

twitter needs carlos martinez and so do i

El gallo needs to crow (literally and figuratively because that would be amazing).

carlos martinez and the best game of his career

(So far, anyway)

the best of tsunamy

A Tsunamy recap...

josé once gave carlos some lovely advice

The two rising stars had a lot in common, something José understood.

happy birthday to el gallo!

And what a grand birthday it was, indeed.