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St. Louis Cardinals Trades

St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors and analysis.

Cardinals do not need to make a trade

The Cardinals are in fine shape going forward and even it the offense is not what it should be, the Cardinals have enough to make it to the playoffs and a short-term fix at first base is not going to be a huge help.

Is St. Louis the frontrunner to acquire Adam Lind?

The Cardinals have reportedly made inquiries to the Brewers about acquiring Adam Lind. Some think they are the frontrunners to acquire the first baseman.

Trade rumor analysis: Adam Lind vs. Chris Davis

Why did the Cardinals trade for a reliever?

A look at what the Cards lost to gain Steve Cishek

Who is Kyle Barraclough?

Steve Cishek, bounce back candidate

By trading for Steve Cishek, the Cardinals added a late-inning bullpen arm with a good track record and a high upside. While Cishek has struggled so far in 2015, there are reasons to believe that he is capable of pitching much better going forward.

Cardinals trade for Steve Cishek

The Cardinals made their first move of trading season by fortifying their bullpen, trading for Steve Cishek of the Marlins.

Trade deadline: What is the Cards' weakest link?

Should the Cardinals trade an outfielder?

With the emergence of Tommy Pham and the impending arrival of top prospect Stephen Piscotty, the Cardinals appear to have strong outfield depth. Could they look to move one of these players at the trade deadline this month?

Do the Cardinals actually need to make a trade?

On evaluating offseason trades early in the season

Back in May, at least one respected columnists was already declaring the Braves the "winner" of the November Heyward/Miller trade. One month later, the trade looks much more equal, and we still cannot definitively say who "won" and who "lost."

The Cardinals' trade deadline priorities

With the trade deadline a little over a month away, the Cardinals are in a strong position to make the postseason and have very few holes on their roster. However, they still have areas they should probably improve if they hope to hold off the Pirates and the Cubs.

The Cardinals should not trade for Ryan Howard

Though Ryan Howard is from the St. Louis area, the Cardinals should not consider a trade for the Phillies' first baseman.

Comparing Carlos Martinez and Shelby Miller

When the Cardinals traded for Jason Heyward, they were reportedly more willing to trade Shelby Miller than Carlos Martinez. Here's a very early look at how well each pitcher has done in 2015.

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Have the Cardinals already lost the Heyward trade?

An early look at the starting pitcher trade market

With the loss of Adam Wainwright, some have speculated that the Cardinals could look to add a starting pitcher from outside their organization. Here's a look at some of the starting pitchers who could be on the trading block.

Bullpen: Randy Choate fits better than Sam Freeman

The bullpen of the St. Louis Cardinals is coming into focus.

Cardinals trade Sam Freeman

Former Cardinals after being traded

How have former Cardinals done after being traded and what does this say about the Cardinals ability to get value in return for players before they decline?

Hamels wants a trade; STL wants to keep Martinez

The Cole Hamels trade-rumors have been rekindled as pitchers and catchers report.

Did the Cardinals make a 'real offer' for Hamels?

Probably not, but it's a fun question to ponder.

Cardinals acquire catching prospect Michael Ohlman

The 24 year-old receiver is a 6'5" righty

Cardinals reportedly involved in Hamels stare down

Ruben Amaro is reportedly attempting to stare teams like the Cardinals down in order to get them to meet his asking price for the obligation to pay Cole Hamels at least $96 million over the next four seasons.

Adding a veteran ace helps now, likely hurts later

Why it makes sense for the Cards to add an ace

Yes, the Cubs will be better in 2015, but that's not why the Cardinals are interested in adding an ace to their rotation.

Should STL wait till midseason to add a starter?

Come July, the Cardinals' need for a starter might be better defined. There also may be more options to fill it.

Scherzer, Price, Hamels, & the Cards' innings gap

The Cardinals already face an innings-pitched gap in 2015. What happens if one of the workhorses they're counting on goes down?

Does trading for David Price make sense?

The Cardinals continue to come up in various acquisition rumors surrounding starting pitchers. Here's a good look at what the farm system might look like if a starting pitcher is acquired.

On Jason Heyward and negotiating windows

How much does the possibility that a player might sign to play with a team beyond his current contract play into a team's decision to trade for him?

What it's like to be part of a blockbuster trade

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be involved in a blockbuster trade? Well, now you'll know.

The Cards should look at trading for Kyle Blanks

The Cardinals have a hole in their roster shaped almost exactly like newly available Kyle Blanks.

Cardinals acquire INF Ty Kelly in trade

Here's a very brief introduction to the newest member of the Cardinal organization.