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St. Louis Cardinals Trades

St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors and analysis.

A post about Tyler O’Neill since he was traded

A weird conclusion to a volatile tenure

Cardinals in contact with Giants about Carlos Rodón

In the Cards or Giant mistake? (heh heh heh)

The Dexter Fowler appreciation post - A Hunt and Peck

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Cardinals rumored to be interested in Diamondbacks David Peralta - A Hunt and Peck

sure let’s talk about this.

Featured Fanshot

Cardinals trade Oscar Mercado to Cleveland for two young prospects

The Cardinals have traded their tenth ranked prospect according to to Cleveland in exchange for two young outfield prospects. Jhon Torres is eighteen-years-old and is in the low minors in his second year in the minor leagues. Conner Capel is twenty-one and playing on a low A team.

The trade deadline is today and the Cardinals have made moves - A Hunt and Peck

And I will keep track of them for your convenience.

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Tommy Pham has been traded to the Rays for three prospects

Tommy Pham is gone; Viva Tommy Pham! There will be more to follow on this trade for sure. For now, know that Roel Ramirez is a twenty-three-year-old right-handed pitcher in AA, Genesis Cabrera has a great name, is almost twenty-two, is left-handed, and is a pitcher in AA, and Justin Williams, the most interesting of the three to this author, is an almost-twenty-three-year-old outfielder that recently made his major-league debut. Please note that none of these fellas are Chris Archer.

will the cardinals trade jhonny peralta?


an ode to matt adams, except no ode, just videos

a fact this author completely missed over the weekend somehow

goodbye jaime :'(

Who writes your name in letters of smoke among the stars of the south? Oh let me remember you as you were before you existed.

Cardinals acquire Zach Duke from White Sox

In exchange, the Cardinals traded outfield prospect Charlie Tilson.

The Cardinals should not trade Trevor Rosenthal

Despite the haul attached to Aroldis Chapman, the Cardinals should not trade Trevor Rosenthal -- not at this time, at least.

Examining Drew Storen as possible bullpen help

Reliever Drew Storen is available. Should the Cardinals be interested?

Don't expect the Cardinals to trade for offense

Even with a banged up offense, reports are that the Cardinals are not interested in acquiring a quick fix from Colorado. Good move or no?

The necessary return for dealing Alex Reyes

The Cardinals are probably not going to trade Alex Reyes before this year's trade deadline. But what kind of trade would it require for the Cardinals to consider it?

Kicking the tires on Yasiel Puig

The Dodgers are reportedly ready to part with Yasiel Puig. Is there any reason why the Cardinals should be interested?

The Cardinals should consider Andrew Miller

Closing the book on the Jason Heyward trade

Now that Jason Heyward has moved on from the Cardinals, here is one final look at the trade that brought him here last offseason.

Hypothesizing a Cards' trade for Carlos Carrasco

The Cardinals should look into Jesse Chavez

With the loss of Lynn, the Cardinals are looking for a starting pitcher this offseason. While there are attractive free agents on the market, it would be wise to contact the Athletics about Jesse Chavez, who reportedly may be available via trade.

Trading Trevor

Trevor Rosenthal is a really good closer. An even better closer was just traded, for an absurd return. Should the Cardinals consider trying to move their closer for a similarly huge haul?

Will the Cards trade Bourjos?

Three trades that led to 2015 success

The Cardinals are known for having a lot of quality homegrown players, but some of their most successful players in 2015 were acquired via trade.

Moss: Proven slugger & reclamation project

Do Moss's peripherals give cause for concern?

Trades have reshaped the Cardinals roster

After a slew of deadline trades, an updated St. Louis 40-man roster matrix.

Brandon Moss and the cost of wins in July

Teams typically pay a premium to acquire marginal wins at the trade deadline, and it appears that the Cardinals did this in acquiring Brandon Moss. Did the Cardinals improve their playoff odds enough to justify giving up one of their top prospects?

Trade analysis: Cards swap Collymore for Broxton

The St. Louis Cardinals sent outfield prospect Malik Collymore to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for righthanded reliever Jonathan Broxton.

Was trading Kaminsky for Moss an overpay?

What have the Cards acquired in Brandon Moss?

STL trades Rob Kaminsky to CLE for Brandon Moss

Why might the Cards be inquiring about relievers?


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