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St. Louis Cardinals Trades

St. Louis Cardinals trade rumors, gossip, news, analysis, and cetera.

Wait, What? Tyson Ross? Really?

It was certainly a surprising move, but does it have any chance of working out?

What the Cardinals Did — And Didn’t Do — At the Trade Deadline

Taking the long view on all the moves the Cardinals made at the deadline this year.

Cardinals trade Tuivailala, DFA Holland and Lyons, place Cecil on DL in flurry of bullpen moves

Weaver, Poncedeleon, Webb, and Hudson added to active roster

Was the Marcell Ozuna trade a fair deal?

The Cardinals should expect regression from their latest acquisition in 2018, but they parted with a light prospect haul

Is Josh Donaldson or Manny Machado the better trade target?

Which of the AL East’s soon-to-be free agent third basemen makes more sense for the Cardinals?

Simulating Giancarlo Stanton trade negotiations

Fish Stripes contributor Aram Leighton answers questions about the future of the Marlins before engaging in mock trade negotiations

A case for Andrew McCutchen

The longtime division rival makes sense for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who will eat the innings for the 2018 Cardinals?

With Mike Leake gone, who is going to eat innings for the 2018 team?

Evaluating the Shelby Miller for Jason Heyward trade in 2017

Jason Heyward is no longer a Cardinal. Shelby Miller is no longer a Brave. But would the Cardinals have been better off not making the trade?

Keeping Kolten Wong is the correct decision

Though Wong provides value in a trade for an outfielder, the Cardinals should retain (and subsequently play) the 26-year-old second baseman.

MLB Winter Meetings: Cardinals still looking at center fielder options

Jaime Garcia’s place in Cardinals history

Although never the staff’s ace, Jaime Garcia built a strong legacy with the Cardinals.

Considering Randal Grichuk for Michael Conforto

Do the Cardinals and Mets match up on a trade of young outfielders?

The repertoire of Brett Cecil

Cecil’s stuff allows him to fill multiple roles within the Cardinals bullpen.

Gauging the trade value of first baseman Matt Adams

With Matt Carpenter slated for first base, could Matt Adams be part of a package to improve the Cardinals at other positions?

A look back at the Matt Holliday trade

A little over seven years ago, the Cardinals acquired a future cornerstone in what was initially a stretch-run rental. With proper hindsight, how does the initial move look?

Profiling the Cardinals’ new bullpen arm Zach Duke

Given yesterday's acquisition, let's get acquainted with the repertoire of Zach Duke...

The Cardinals should not acquire Aroldis Chapman

Even if you can set aside the moral implications of trading for Aroldis Chapman, the Yankees closer still isn't a good fit for the Cardinals.

St. Louis Cardinals Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee

The Cardinals are well-positioned to try to trade for Cliff Lee. Here is why they should do so.

Outfield Depth is the next big thing

The Cardinals have so many first world problems. 2013 was the year of too many pitchers. Will 2014 be the year of too many outfielders?

ZiPS: The Cardinals are all right

Intuitively we knew the Cardinals would be good but now ... math!

Will the Cardinals' Bet on Bourjos Pay Off?

The St. Louis Cardinals' decision to acquire Peter Bourjos is a gamble that the speedster will be able to stay healthy long enough for his tools to make him a productive big-league regular.

On Frontloading and Trading Your Newest Player

Thinking about the Jhonny contract, and why in the world you would pay all the value up front.

Post-Peralta problems

The St. Louis Cardinals are better than they were in 2013, which means they also have some new potential catastrophes.

The Near-Finished 2014 Cardinals Roster Matrix

Friday's trade of David Freese and Fernando Salas for Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk combined with Sunday's signing of free-agent shortstop Jhonny Peralta have all but set the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals roster matrix in stone.

The Start of a New Era in Cardinals Baseball?

By trading David Freese, the Cardinals have triggered the start of the Kolten Wong era at the keystone.

Meet Randal Grichuk

He's not just a great name.

Cards trade David Freese for Peter Bourjos

David Freese is reportedly gone, and the Cardinals' outfield is reportedly way better at defense.

Cards trade Scrabble, all the tiles they can find

Marc Rzepczynski might have something left, but the St. Louis Cardinals weren't in a position to find that out.

Gammons: Cardinals Acquire Right-Handed Reliever Edward Mujica from Marlins for Zack Cox

A breakdown of the Cardinals acquisition of reliever Edward Mujica for minor-leauger Zack Cox.


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