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VEB Daily

A collection of Viva El Birdos's daily feature articles that also houses the free-ranging daily discussion thread.

Cardinals play Royals in two cities over the next three days - A Series Preview

The greatest philosophical question of our time: is this a three-game series or a one-game series followed by a two-game series?

Expanded Rosters Are Ending Soon. Who is Going Down?

Rosters will have to drop from 28 to 26 this week. Who gets the axe?

Reflections on yesterday’s game

In particular, reflections on the events leading up to Arenado getting ejected

The Cardinals face a couple pitchers on the Mets that could have been Cardinals - a series preview

Max Scherzer and Chris Bassitt were thought to be options for the Cards SP over the offseason

Saturday SOC: Reacting to Oli Marmol’s First Few Weeks

How is the Cardinals’ rookie manager doing? Pretty good so far!

A look at Moisés Gómez

With 6 homers in 8 games so far, it may be worth a look at outfielder Moisés Gómez

How the Cardinals crushed Freddy Peralta

For some reason, the Brewers’ announcers thought it was sign stealing.

The Cardinals should play four games against the Brewers - A Series Preview

We know there is a roof, but it still kind of feels like a game might get cancelled

Seven stats I’ll be following in the 2022 season

Certain individual stats are going to determine a player’s season.

Making Too Much of One Game

There were interesting tidbits from Opening Day that might serve as evidence of ongoing trends.

Projecting the next five home openers


Season Predictions, Hopes, and Dreams

Opening Day is tomorrow! Can the Cardinals win it all?

Roster Predictions, Final Depth Chart & Opening Day Payroll

A final look at the roster, with some predictions on how it will play out. And Opening Day payroll.

VEB Movie Club: Bang the Drum Slowly

In anticipation of Opening Day, we watched a movie neither of us have seen

It’s okay to admit signing Pujols is purely for nostalgia

There is zero statistical argument for signing him

Stop worrying about Flaherty leaving in free agency

Things have changed drastically since 2019, and we should acknowledge that

Cards Sign Dickerson: Finding Playing Time for Everyone

Dickerson’s signing adds depth to the outfield and DH. But how much will he cut into playing time for Yepez and Noot?

Bryant and Arenado and poor decisions

The Arenado trade, coupled with the recent Bryant signing, makes no sense.

Meet Nick Wittgren

Who is this truly random reliever?

The Lockout is Over! “Everything You Need to Know” Thread

Tweets, Tweets and more Tweets! Everything you need to know about the new CBA and it’s impact on the Cardinals.

Jose DeLeon and feeling lost

Jose DeLeon may have been underrated

Let’s Play: Baseball Mogul – 2000 Season

Let’s play the 2000 season and see if we can’t start a dynasty.

The lockout’s effect on Waino-Molina battery record

Wainwright and Molina could potentially have the most number of starts by a pitching-catching duo ever, but the lockout threatens that.

Let’s Play! Baseball Mogul – 2000 Cardinals & Forward

If MLB can’t give us baseball content, let’s create our own!

25 players elected to VEB Hall of Fame

Includin seven former Cardinals!

MLB Season Delayed, Games Canceled. What Now?

My thoughts on what the heck just happened, the owners and players, and for some reason, pickleball.

VEB Historical Hall of Fame Voting: Part 7

Our last vote before... we probably do it again due to the season being delayed.

VEB Historical Hall of Fame Voting: Part 6

And another one

VEB Historical Hall of Fame Voting: Part 5

Another edition of voting for the "real" Hall of Fame

The Lockout Update You Don’t Want (But You Get Anyway)

A Saturday stream of consciousness on the state of the labor negotiations.

Looking at players who will need to be added to 40 man roster

Have you wondered who might need to be added to 40 man roster for 2023?

Saturday SOC: The Designated Hitter, Nostalgia, and Albert Pujols

Let’s talk DH, Nostalgia, and if Albert Pujols is a fit for the Cards.