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Saying Goodbye

Some site news

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
I’m not joining the Athletic
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A little over three years ago, I wrote the following:

I write here because I love to write about baseball, especially Cardinals baseball, and VEB has given me an incredible forum to do that. Knowing that what I write will be read by people who care about it, that they will comment, agree, and challenge assertions is very motivating. VEB has made me a much better writer, and helped me evolve as a person as well, exposing me to views and ideas that I often ignore and avoid when I’m away from the internet.

It wasn’t too long after that post I became VEB’s Managing Editor, and that’s where I’ve been the last two and a half years, splitting my time between writing at FanGraphs and doing my best here to carry on the great tradition of writing and analysis for a vibrant community of Cardinals fans. The words above are even more true today.

In that post three years ago, I also said this:

When I started writing at VEB, one of my biggest concerns was that people would think that I believed VEB was my site. When I started it was your site. Now I believe it is ours, and I want it to stay that way. A few weeks ago, I applied for a position as a writer on FanGraphs. I have wanted to write for Fangraphs for a really long time. Fangraphs helped me change the way I think about baseball and shaped some of the most important tenets in baseball analysis. This was not the first time I have applied, and I did not know what my chances were going through the process.

I still want this to be our website, but I won’t be running the site or writing here anymore. FanGraphs is hiring me full-time as a writer. I’m very excited about the opportunity I have at FanGraphs, and I’m confident in saying that I wouldn’t have this opportunity without the support of all of you.

A lot of great people write for this site, and I’m sure great people will continue to write here. I’m so thankful to have leaned on Heather and John these last few years. Their great work, energy, and commitment to VEB have kept this site running. I’m also very appreciative that AE Schafer has stuck it out all these years providing invaluable reports on the draft and prospects. Ben Godar provides valuable insight on a weekly basis. Josey Curtis’ diligence and hard work deserve a lot of credit for making our minor league coverage great. Our more recent writers like Tyler Kinzy, Matthew Ludwig, Audrey Stark, and Pegasus have all brought thoughtful analysis that pushes this site forward. Those who have written here in the past like Ben Markham, Alex Crisafulli, and Joe Schwarz have done work to teach me more about the game I love.

Ben Humphrey, Dan Moore, and lboros all preceded me in running VEB, and they are largely responsible for the quality work this site is known for. Justin Bopp initially brought me to VEB, and provided the support necessary to help me take over the site after the 2015 season. There are those outside this small community who deserve thanks for promoting the work of this site on twitter, for linking to our work and for having me on radio shows to talk baseball like Bernie Miklasz, Derrick Goold, Jeff Parles, Brandon Kiley, Chris Hrabe, Brian Moline, Joe Roderick, Randy Wheeler, Broc Hampshire, Jeff Jones, Matt Berger, Derek Martin, Josh Houchins, and Erik Hild.

The writers from our community who have done recaps have been an important part of what makes VEB special, and I hope that tradition continues. A special thanks to Aaron Finkel and As You Van Slyke It for organizing the recaps the past few years and to others who have written recaps, including IHeartBoog, VanHicklestein, Jon Snowzeliak, stlcardsfan4, Lance Brozdowski, dr. howl, santiagofish (who coined Viva El Gallo), WyoCardsFan, and zoomzoomj88. For writing countless Daily Farm Reports, I am appreciative, especially to Ebo, but also Nick Cichielo and Cardinals645. Our other projects like the comics of aswb83 and Finkel and Catapults’ Dugout Thrones, you made the site fun to read. The thankless efforts of TBender, mojow011, and Spants—who have moderated comments to help keep the site open and welcoming to all—shouldn’t go without recognition. I should also mention Avs18Fan, who posts trivia everyday. To all of you who turned the derogatory High Brow Frat House into a term of pride, I’m glad to have been a part of your community.

I should also mention the Cardinals did not make the playoffs during the entire time I was Managing Editor of this site. You know who I would blame for the lack of success, but if you want to blame me, you better have something better than correlation to prove that causation.

Running VEB has been an incredible experience for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.

Update: With my departure, the Managing Editor position is now open. Apply here.