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Cardinals MLB Draft Recap and Signings Tracker

Recapping the draft and looking at early efforts to sign players.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Draft Tracker has been moved to the top of the post. For individual scouting reports and more information on the slotting system and bonus pool information scroll to the bottom. The Cardinals have reached agreement with all of their picks with a slot value in the first ten rounds. With Brady Whalen's above slot deal, the Cardinals have roughly $185,000 to go above slot on the later round players (whose slot is $100k for each) before they reach the heavier penalties so a few more or perhaps one difficult signing might still happen.

Round Player School Position Slot Contract Surplus Link
1 (23) Delvin Perez Colegio Individualizado PJ Education School SS $2,222,500 $2,222,500 0 LINK
1 (33) Dylan Carlson Elk Grove HS OF $1,909,500 $1,350,000 $559,500 LINK
1 (34) Dakota Hudson Mississippi State RHP $1,878,000 $2,000,000 -$122,000 LINK
2 Connor Jones Virginia RHP $920,100 $1,100,000 -$179,900 LINK
3 Zac Gallen North Carolina RHP $563,100 $563,100 $0 LINK
4 Jeremy Martinez USC C $421,600 $600,000 -$178,400 LINK
5 Walker Robbins George County HS OF $315,600 $450,000 -$134,400 LINK
6 Tommy Edman Stanford SS $236,400 $236,400 $0 LINK
7 Andrew Knizner North Carolina State C $185,300 $185,300 $0 LINK
8 Sam Tewes Wichita State RHP $172,900 $100,000 $72,900 LINK
9 Matt Fiedler Minnesota OF $161,700 $100,000 $61,700 LINK
10 Danny Hudzina Western Kentucky U 3B $156,600 $3,000 $153,600 LINK
Subtotal $9,143,300 $8,910,300 $233,000
Above Slot (Rd 11-40) $0 $605,000 -$372,000
Pool Money Lost $0
Pool Money + 5% $9,600,465 $9,515,300 $85,165

And here are the rest of the picks. All picks with an "x" under the contract have reached agreement with the Cardinals but the bonus is not yet known.

Round Player School Position Slot Contract Difference Link
11 John Kilichowski Vanderbilt LHP $100,000 $200,000 -$100,000 LINK
12 Brady Whalen Union HS SS $100,000 $475,000 -$375,000 LINK
13 Shane Billings Wingate CF x
14 Vincent Jackson U Tennessee OF x
15 J.R. Davis Oklahoma St U 2B x
16 Tyler Lancaster Spartanburg Methodist Col C x
17 Matt Ellis UC Riverside RHP
18 Austin Sexton Mississippi St U RHP x
19 Daniel Castano Baylor LHP $100,000 $130,000 -$30,000 LINK
20 Stefan Trosclair U Louisiana Lafayette 1B x
21 Cade Cabbiness Bixby HS OF
22 Mick Fennell California U of Pennsylvania CF x
23 John Crowe Francis Marion U OF
24 Anthony Ciavarella Monmouth U LHP x
25 Spencer Trayner North Carolina RHP x
26 Eric Carter U Louisiana Lafayette RHP x
27 Michael O'Reilly Flagler Col RHP x
28 Pat Krall Clemson U LHP
29 Noel Gonzalez Lewis-Clark State RHP x
30 Josh Burgmann Vauxhall HS RHP
31 Jonathan Murders Bolivar HS 2B $100,000 $200,000 -$100,000 LINK
32 Leland Tilley Bellevue U RHP x
33 Caleb Lopes U West Georgia 2B x
34 Jonathan Mulford Adelphi U RHP x
35 Jackson Lamb Michigan RHP
36 Robbie Gordon Maryville U RHP x
37 Andy Young Indiana St U 3B x
38 Robert Calvano U Nebraska Omaha RHP x
39 Aaron Bond San Jacinto Col North OF
40 Jeremy Ydens St Francis HS CF

We will provide updates as we receive them.

The Cardinals draft is now over after 42 selections in 40 rounds. The Cardinals have generally received positive reviews, nabbing two top-20 talents in Delvin Perez and Dakota Hudson despite not having a pick until number 23 in the first round. Evaluating, pre-negotiating, and ultimately selecting the players is the hard part, but the Cardinals work is not yet over as they seek to sign the players that have been selected.

Here are VEB, we are very fortunate (myself very much included), that we have someone in-house who does a very good job going in-depth on the draft. Heading into the draft, the red baron wrote around 25 draft preview pieces and provided scouting reports on close to 100 different players who the Cardinals might draft. A vast majority of these players were drafted by other teams. However, of the Cardinals first four picks, three had already been profiled here. The Cardinals fourth round pick, Jeremy Martinez was a player red baron identified as someone to watch on Day 2, and he also had written up the Cardinals fifth round pick, Walker Robbins. In short, the work red baron performed leading up to the draft was excellent.

As the Cardinals made their picks, red baron continued to provide quality analysis. Snippets of his pick-by-pick summaries are below. Click on the name for the full report.

Delvin Perez

[t]he Cardinals may have just gotten their Francisco Lindor. Their Addison Russell. The Cardinals may have just gotten one of the top five players in the draft, perhaps the most talented position player available, and a potential true potential cornerstone player.

And they did it with the 23rd pick.

Dylan Carlson

Dylan Carlson can flat-out hit.


[t]here's plus raw power from both sides, and an ability to control the zone, at least against high school competition. Carlson is also extraordinarily young for this draft; he won't turn eighteen until early next year.

Dakota Hudson

Dakota Hudson is a big-stuff college righthander who jumped up draft boards this spring when he started to really put together some consistency in his delivery and approach. He slipped a little to 34 (most outlets had him ranked inside the top 20), and the Cards gladly took an arm that's probably too good to be around at that point.

Connor Jones

The combination of multiple pitches and good sink on the heater can make him a better pitcher than the raw stuff would suggest. However, this year, the stuff wasn't where it had been in the past, and Jones simply lost the ability to get empty swings from college-level hitters. He kept the ball on the ground plenty, but the strikeout rate is just brutal.

Zac Gallen

His arsenal starts with a low-90s fastball that plays better than the velocity because it has nice sink and run, allowing him to roll up grounders and occasionally embarrass right-handed hitters with just a heater because it ends up so far down and in as to be unhittable. He also features a pair of offspeed pitches, both of which are above-average, and with a chance to be even better with some more development.

Jeremy Martinez

He's a grinder at the plate, in the best way possible, and has the potential to stick as a solid defender behind the plate. The only thing he really does poorly is run, which isn't shocking from a catcher. But there's real offensive upside here, in a way that should look pretty familiar to all of us if he makes it to the big leagues.

Walker Robbins

Short version: not a great athlete, but man can he ever hit.

Red baron also covered the picks in rounds 6-15 and those can be found here. Expect more from him tomorrow.

As for the actual signing of these draft picks, the deadline to signing those picks is July 15. Many will sign before then, and some will begin playing before then, but that is the date when all players sign or head back into the draft. If the player is finishing high school, he must wait three more years unless he is already 21 years old or attending a junior college. For college juniors or sophomores already eligible, they can go back next year. These situations affect a draft pick's leverage in negotiating a contract.

It is possible you have heard the terms slot money, bonus pool or something similar regarding the draft and it is possible that you are already very familiar with those terms. For those who are not, in brief: every pick in the first ten rounds is assigned a value (slot value). That money is added up by team, and each team can spend up to that amount (bonus pool) on players drafted in the first ten rounds. Any amount over $100,000 for individual picks after the first ten rounds also counts against that pool.

Teams can pay a monetary penalty if they go up to 5% over their allotment, something that Cardinals have done in the past. Any amount over 5% and a loss of picks is involved, something the Cardinals have never done and seem unlikely to do this year as it will generally not be worth it. (One plausible scenario might be if you knew you were going to sign a free agent that was going to cost you a draft pick or maybe you were about to lose one for some reason, you might go over and lose that pick knowing it was not going to be high anyway, thereby lessening that cost. This is still unlikely.

With that knowledge, we will start a tracker below (now above), which shows the Cardinals' picks, slot money, and the money they signed for. If the Cardinals fail to sign a pick in the top ten rounds, they lose the assigned slot value from their pool. That information, should it become relevant will be featured above.