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Thank you and farewell

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Almost a year ago exactly, I took a chance and wrote my first Fanpost here at VEB, thinking that no one would read what I had written. As it turned out, I was wrong, because after two Fanposts, Ben Humphrey, our site manager at the time, asked me if I wanted to be a regular contributor.

Over the last year, I have slowly adjusted to writing here at VEB, balancing my writing position with the other obligations of a busy college student. Thankfully, this transition was not a difficult one. I quickly found that I enjoyed writing about baseball, and I knew that this experience would be a valuable one to have as I attempted to break into the baseball industry. Most importantly, everyone here at VEB was welcoming and supportive from the start.

Unfortunately, this will be my last post here at Viva el Birdos, because I have accepted an offer to work as a Baseball Operations Intern for the New York Yankees after I graduate in May. For many years now, I have dreamed of having a career working for in professional baseball, and I can honestly say that my experience here at VEB has helped me achieve this goal.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Ben Humphrey for giving me this opportunity in the first place. He believed in me from the start despite my very limited writing experience, and he gave me the freedom to write about a wide range of topics. I would also like to thank Craig Edwards for keeping me on as a writer, despite uncertainty about how much longer I would be writing at the site. Thanks as well to all of the other writers here at VEB—Joe, Heather, RB, Ben, Ben, John, and Alex. You have all done an incredible here at VEB, and I have learned so much from reading your work. I am really going to miss working with you.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my writing. I have learned a great deal from you over the last year, and I am proud of the fact that I got the opportunity to write at a place where civil and intelligent conversations take place on a regular basis. To everyone reading this post, I can honestly say that because of you, I have thoroughly enjoyed my writing experience here at VEB, and I will truly miss writing here as I move forward in my baseball career.