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St. Louis Cardinals vs. MLB batting: A position-by-position breakdown

The St. Louis Cardinals are team built to prevent runs. Pitching and defense have formed the foundation of the Cardinals' early-season success. That's not to say that the club's batting has been bad. It's been a fair-to-middling attack. In order to see the St. Louis lineup's strengths and weaknesses, we're going to see how the individual Cardinals' stats compare to the MLB's batting stats as a whole for non-pitchers and the collective stats for players who play a specific position. All stats are through play on Saturday, June 13.


SBN and FanDuel have entered into an exclusive partnership for daily fantasy baseball during the 2015 season. Albert Pujols is swinging a pretty hot bat and the Angels will have lefty Robbie Ray start against them tonight. For old time's sake, I'd slot No. 5 in at first base. You can play FanDuel here.