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VEB Daily

A collection of Viva El Birdos's daily feature articles that also houses the free-ranging daily discussion thread.

Adam Kloffenstein is your #15 prospect. Vote on the next prospect here.

He’s not mad, he’s just disappointed (you didn’t pick him earlier)

What would it take to trade for Dylan Cease?

Probably more than I suggest

Birdos in Brief: A Final Look at Payroll and A First Look at the Roster

The Cardinals are still below their 2023 Opening Day payroll total. And there’s only a few Spring competitions.

The New Pitch Pitchers

Three pitchers have new pitchers that could make a big difference in their performance

Ian Bedell is your #14 prospect. Vote here on the #15 prospect

The Mizzou product lands on the top 10 for his first time.

Leonardo Bernal is your #13 prospect. Vote here on the #14 prospect.

Finally a catcher lands on this list

Max Rajcic is your #12 prospect. Vote on the #13 prospect.

The Cardinals’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year takes the next spot on the list

Won-Bin Cho is your #11 prospect. Vote on the 12th prospect.

Sem Robberse is your 10th prospect. Vote on the 11th prospect

Sem Robberse is great for search engines, because you are not getting anything other than pictures of him if you search his name.

Cardinals Legends Play Dungeons ‘N Dragons

What class would we assign to legendary Cardinals if they were playing the world’s greatest role-playing game?

Vote on the 10th best prospect

Chase Davis won the vote last time, and Michael McGreevy was the only other player with significant votes.

VEB Community selects Beltran, Beltre to Hall of Fame

Only one guy from the real life ballot was actually selected to be a Hall of Famer.

Saturday SOC: Matt Carpenter Salsas His Way Back to St. Louis

Carpenter is back. I tell bad jokes and write not so good. It’s a stream-of-consciousness Saturday!

Winter Warmup Round-Up Part 2

Covering the pitchers, catchers, and some owner talk

Winter Warmup Round-Up Part One

Where I attempt to condense 20 interviews into 2,000 words

Birdos in Brief: Cardinals Arbitration Figures and a Tommy Edman Extension

A quick look at the arbitration figures and whether or not the club will pursue an extension with Tommy Edman.

Cooper Hjerpe is once again your #7 prospect. Vote here for the next prospect

In a race between three first-rounders, the 2022 one beat the pack.

Gordon Graceffo is your #6 prospect. Vote on the seventh best here

Lot of players received a somewhat significant amount of votes, but it was not a close call.

Tekoah Roby is your #4 prospect. Vote on the next prospect

Another voting round continues

Saturday SOC: Chase Utley is a Hall of Famer, Right?

A stream-of-consciousness look at a player who is surely a Hall of Famer. Isn’t he?

Victor Scott is your surprise #3 prospect. Vote on the next prospect for the 2024 rankings

Will this pick be more predictable or another shocker?

Vote on the Cardinals next best prospect - 2024

Also vote on whether or not Masyn Winn is the #1 prospect or not a prospect at all.

What Would You Do With $33M? (An Open Thread Discussion)

It’s an open thread. With a conversation starter.

Let’s Argue! The Cardinals Lineup

Resurrecting a really old series for a fun Wednesday discussion.

Birdos in Brief: Mozeliak’s “Opportunistic” Window is Right Now

I just couldn’t resist using a picture of Ohtani and his dog.

Should Masyn Winn make the team on Opening Day?

The answer might surprise you!

A post about Tyler O’Neill since he was traded

A weird conclusion to a volatile tenure

Meet Ryan Fernandez

What to make of the Cardinals’ Rule 5 selection

Cardinals shouldn’t trade Dylan Carlson

Assuming they don’t get fair value, which they won’t, they should hold onto him

What to Expect from the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings start tomorrow. Will the Cardinals be active?

Thursday Open Thread

Where I ran out of time to write something

How good on offense does Pedro Pages need to be?

If we assume he is truly elite on defense, that is


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