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Cardinals Rumors

The latest St. Louis Cardinals news, rumors, and cetera.

Comparing Brian Dozier with in-house second base options

The potentially available Twins second baseman is good. Really good. Is he enough of an improvement to justify a high cost?

Keeping Kolten Wong is the correct decision

Though Wong provides value in a trade for an outfielder, the Cardinals should retain (and subsequently play) the 26-year-old second baseman.

MLB Winter Meetings: Cardinals still looking at center fielder options

Considering Randal Grichuk for Michael Conforto

Do the Cardinals and Mets match up on a trade of young outfielders?

The Cardinals still should not sign Dexter Fowler

Despite updated rumors, the Cardinals should look elsewhere when trying to improve for the 2017 season.

Matt Holliday is out and Carlos Gomez is available

With the Cardinals losing an outfielder, the team could go outside the organization for another.

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Unconfirmed Rumor: Jeremy Hazelbaker optioned, Kolten Wong promoted?

Social media is buzzing about a rumor that Jeremy Hazelbaker has been sent down to AAA. The popular theory is that Kolten Wong, now with a few games in centerfield under his belt, will be called up to take his place on the roster This rumor has yet to be confirmed, but Jenifer Langosch has stated on the Kevin Wheeler show on 101.1 ESPN that she believes it likely that Kolten Wong will be back with the big league team this weekend. We will try to keep you updated as information is confirmed by the team! UPDATE: Rumor confirmed

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Rumor: Mark Buehrle to pitch for Cardinals or retire

Per Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, Mark Buehrle will retire unless he signs with the Cardinals.

Is Zobrist a fit for the Cards?

What might Heyward's contract look like?

Will the Cards trade Bourjos?

STL trades Rob Kaminsky to CLE for Brandon Moss

Why might the Cards be inquiring about relievers?

Michael Wacha's effect on Cardinals at deadline

Cards reportedly made trade inquiry on Tulowitzki

Is St. Louis the frontrunner to acquire Adam Lind?

The Cardinals have reportedly made inquiries to the Brewers about acquiring Adam Lind. Some think they are the frontrunners to acquire the first baseman.

Trade rumor analysis: Adam Lind vs. Chris Davis

The Cardinals should not trade for Ryan Howard

Though Ryan Howard is from the St. Louis area, the Cardinals should not consider a trade for the Phillies' first baseman.

Hamels wants a trade; STL wants to keep Martinez

The Cole Hamels trade-rumors have been rekindled as pitchers and catchers report.

Did the Cardinals make a 'real offer' for Hamels?

Probably not, but it's a fun question to ponder.

Nats mercifully kill Scherzer-to-Cardinals rumors

The death of the Scherzer-to-St. Louis gossip is a merciful one.

Cards rumors: A PITCHf/x analysis of Cole Hamels

Since making his major league debut in 2006, Cole Hamels has been worth 34.4 fWAR—the second most among National League pitchers during that time frame.

Cardinals reportedly involved in Hamels stare down

Ruben Amaro is reportedly attempting to stare teams like the Cardinals down in order to get them to meet his asking price for the obligation to pay Cole Hamels at least $96 million over the next four seasons.

Adding a veteran ace helps now, likely hurts later

Why it makes sense for the Cards to add an ace

Yes, the Cubs will be better in 2015, but that's not why the Cardinals are interested in adding an ace to their rotation.

Should the Cardinals sign Colby Rasmus?

Perhaps the better question is: Would Colby Rasmus would consider coming back to the Cardinals? I think both sides have good reasons to let bygones be bygones.

How much are the Cardinals willing to spend?

ESPN's Buster Olney gives us an idea of just how deep the Cardinals are willing to dig into DeWallet to sign a free-agent starter and redefines "opportunistic."

Should STL wait till midseason to add a starter?

Come July, the Cardinals' need for a starter might be better defined. There also may be more options to fill it.

Scherzer, Price, Hamels, & the Cards' innings gap

The Cardinals already face an innings-pitched gap in 2015. What happens if one of the workhorses they're counting on goes down?

MLB trade rumors: Buyer beware on David Price

Over the last five seasons, David Price has been one of the league's best pitchers. His 23.4 fWAR from 2010 through 2014 ranks fifth in all of baseball. However, is one-year of his services worth the projected asking price?

Does trading for David Price make sense?

The Cardinals continue to come up in various acquisition rumors surrounding starting pitchers. Here's a good look at what the farm system might look like if a starting pitcher is acquired.

Cardinals pursuing Price, Hamels, and Scherzer

The Cardinals have a full roster and rotation depth, but they are still looking around at high-end starters like Cole Hamels, Max Scherzer, and David Price in case a deal can be made.