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St. Louis Cardinals Free Agents

St. Louis Cardinals free agent rumors, analysis and cetera.

Adam Wainwright will return.

(to the Cardinals in 2023).

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So uhhh… is Albert Pujols returning to the St. Louis Cardinals?

Did you all see that Will Smith thing at the Oscars? That was really weird right? It gave me really bad secondhand embarrassment and I’ve been having trouble sleeping. My mind has been racing all night. As it turns out, the universe had a plan. You see, if I had fallen peacefully asleep I would’ve missed John Denton of reporting that Albert Pujols has signed a one-year $2.5 million contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. You might recall that Pujols had spent 11 years with the Cardinals, winning two championships in 2006 and 2011 before signing a 10 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels and spent the last half of 2021 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Rumors have been swirling about a possible return to St. Louis for the former MVP, but honestly I didn’t think it would happen. I don’t think I am getting any sleep tonight.

The Cardinals are reportedly a little interested in Jake Odorizzi - A Hunt and Peck

Just a little.

Dang. Kolten Wong is gonna be a dang Brewer - A Hunt and Peck

Insult to injury, man.

The Cardinals might be interested in Nolan Arenado - A Hunt and Peck


Could Kolten Wong sign with the Chicago Cubs? - A Hunt and Peck

Say it ain’t so.

The Cardinals have made offers to Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright - A Hunt and Peck

Will the pair be back?

Yadier Molina says retirement is a possibility - A Hunt and Peck

If the right deal doesn’t come along...

Could the Cardinals be looking at DJ LeMahieu? - A Hunt and Peck

(Spoiler: probably not.)

The Cardinals should sign free agent Kolten Wong - A Hunt and Peck

And they might!

Cardinals talks with Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright have slowed - A Hunt and Peck

Will the duo be back for 2021?

Greg Holland and the value of the #59 pick

Setting aside the financial cost of the Cardinals’ new reliever, how much will the loss of a draft pick hurt the Cardinals?

The Cardinals should just sign Yu Darvish already

Yu Darvish may not be an ace, but with the current Cardinals rotation, he doesn’t need to be

The ethics of rooting for a Lance Lynn signing

How should we as fans weigh rooting for a team and rooting for players?

Mike Moustakas would improve the Cardinals’ bench

Jedd Gyorko is a fine third baseman, but using him in a utility role gives the Cardinals impressive depth.

A quick peep at Zack Cozart

If he can maintain 2017 production, the ex-Red shortstop should be a major bargain. If he can.

Potential Plan B: Yu Darvish and the All-In Rotation

Considering an upgrade to the pitching side, rather than the Big Bat of our breathless exclamations.

How to weigh Yu Darvish’s World Series struggles in free agency

Two bad starts does not make Yu Darvish a bad pitcher, but do they hurt his stock as a free agent candidate enough to make a difference?

The Cardinals should sign Jarrod Dyson

The Cardinals don’t need another good-not-great outfielder, but Jarrod Dyson may be a particularly good fit in St. Louis.

The Cardinals should not consider Eric Hosmer

The former Royals first baseman embodies the type of free agent the Cardinals should avoid this off-season.

Re-reevaluating the Mike Leake contract

Mike Leake’s five-year free agent contract is roughly 30% over. How does it stack up to this point?

the yadi contract extension celebration post!

Well, preparation for celebration, since it is exactly “finalized” yet.

The Cardinals should consider Alex Avila

Someday, the Cardinals will (probably, eventually) sign a backup catcher capable of starting semi-regularly. Alex Avila is a promising candidate.

wanna watch some dexter fowler highlights?

Hey the Cardinals did something!

St. Louis is still a viable free agent destination

After a series of near-misses, the reported signing of Dexter Fowler shows that the Cardinals are perfectly capable of landing big names in free agency.

Cardinals sign Brett Cecil

The Blue Jays lefty joins the Cardinals on a four-year deal.

The case for bringing back Brandon Moss

Brandon Moss would be a boring but possibly effective under-the-radar signing for the Cardinals.

The myth of the five-tool outfielder

Baseball is filled with many great outfielders. Seeking a perfect one may be an impossible endeavor.

The Cardinals should break the bank for Shohei Otani

The Cardinals should destroy the existing records for money spent on international free agents for the Japanese superstar.

Revisiting the David Price free agent pursuit

The Cardinals have been praised throughout 2016 for passing on Jason Heyward, but what about the other marquee free agent they pursued last offseason?

An early evaluation of the Mike Leake contract

The signing of Mike Leake was controversial among fans at the time. After two months, how has his contract looked for the Cardinals?

How ex-Cards fared after big free agency paydays

The Cardinals have been noted for their restraint in signing free agents and have generally avoided spending big money on less-than-premium players.


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