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Future Redbirds

Future Redbirds is the unofficial clubhouse of the Hyperventilating Prospect Geek Fraternity.

The 2019 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List: #30-25

The first installment of the annual big list sees a plethora of left-handed pitching popping up.

Previewing the Rule V Draft for the Cardinals

Examining some possibilities for the Cardinals in tomorrow’s Rule V draft, both positive and negative.

The Viva El Birdos 2018 Top Prospects List: The Just-Missed List

The Cardinal farm system is ridiculously deep. Let’s dive in, shall we?

System Sundays: Season in Review Pt. 4 — The Upper Levels

The final installment of our system in review, looking at the top two levels in the Cardinal farm system.

System Sundays: Season in Review Three — A Ball

Covering Low and High A affiliates in the Cardinals’ system.

System Sundays: Season in Review Two — Short Season

In the second edition of the season wrap for the minor leagues, we move up to the post-draft short season leagues.

System Sundays: Season in Review One: Complex Leagues

The first in a series of season wrap posts for the minor leagues, focusing on the lowest levels of the Cardinal system.

System Sundays: Future Plans

Sketching in some details of future coverage, and a solicitation from the community.

The First Annual VEB Minor League Awards

Celebrating the best and brightest the Cardinals’ farm system had to offer in 2018.

System Sundays: Breaking Down the Cardinals’ Arizona Fall League Contingent

The AFL rosters have been announced, and the Cards are sending a somewhat odd group of players to play in the desert.

System Sundays: Two Batted-Ball Litmus Tests

Two recent Cardinal acquisitions are doing interesting things in the minors.

System Sundays: A Quick Look at Malcom Nunez

Inspecting one of the newest additions to the Cardinals’ system.

System Sundays: Luke Weaver, and Connor Jones

Two pitchers diverged in a yellow wood, etc.

System Sundays: Five Hot Starts to the Season

There are players playing well in the minor leagues. These are some of them.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List, Part Five: The Final Tally

Summing up what we have seen, and what we will see in the future.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List, Part Four: #10-1

Our countdown concludes with the top ten prospects in the Cardinal system heading into 2018.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect Supplemental: Three Potential Relief Arms

Writing up even more players who didn’t make the official list cut, just because.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List, Part Three: #20-11

The second installment of VEB’s big annual prospect list.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospects List, Part Two: #30-21

Counting down the top prospects in the Cardinals’ system, heading into 2018.

2018 Viva El Birdos Top Prospect List, Part One: The Just-Missed List

Prospect ranking season is here again, and we kick it off with our honourable mentions.

Players of Interest from the Braves’ Signing Scandal

The Atlanta Braves have been hit with unprecedented penalties for international signing shenanigans. Could the Cardinals benefit from the situation?

Daily Farm Report: The End

Until The Arizona Fall League

Daily Farm Report: Triple A National Championship Preview

Who, What, When, Where and How to Watch

The Redbirds are Champions! - A Hunt and Peck

The Cardinals AAA affiliate has won its third Pacific Coast League Championship.

Pacific Coast League Championship Preview

This is your DFR. Kind of.

Daily Farm Report: Florida State League Playoffs Begin

Daily Farm Report: Regular Season Finale Edition

And Welcome to the Bigs, Breyvic

Daily Farm Report: Welcome Aboard Rayder

The Cardinals Added Former Mariner Farmhand Rayder Ascanio To The System

Daily Farm Report: Adolis Garcia Homers Twice

Tyler O'Neill homer too; and Sam Tewes Fans 11

Daily Farm Report: Breyvic Valera Homers Again

Mike O’Reilly Strikes Out 7

Daily Farm Report: Pat Wisdom Homers for Memphis

And Breyvic Valera Does Too

Daily Farm Report: Breyvic Valera Continues Hot Streak

Ryan Helsley Makes His Springfield Debut