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Viva El Birdos Community Projections 2014

Jon Jay's 2014 performance vs. projections

Matt Carpenter's 2014 performance vs. projections

Matt Carpenter had a very good 2014, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a disappointing encore to his MVP-caliber 2013.

Matt Adams: 2014 season and projections in review

A look back at Matt Adams' first full season as a starter and some thoughts on his future.

Matt Holliday: 2014 projections vs. performance

A look back and a look ahead.

Michael Wacha's 2014 in review

Michael Wacha's season was going wonderfully until it wasn't. Here's a look back at his very exciting and troubling season.

Kolten Wong: 2014 in review

In 2014, Kolten Wong underperformed our projections but excited our imaginations.

Peralta's 2014 in context & projections review

A look at Jhonny Peralta's remarkable season and how it stacked up against the league and Cardinals history as well as our preseason projections for him.

2014 Preseason Projections Review: Yadier Molina

A look at how VEB and some projection systems fared in forecasting Yadier Molina's 2014.

2014 Preseason projections review: Adam Wainwright

A look at how VEB and some projection systems fared in forecasting Adam Wainwright's 2014 plus a review of his year.

2014 projections vs. performance: Lance Lynn

How did Lance Lynn's 2014 performance compare to preseason projections?

2014 Preseason predictions contest results

Unpacking some predictions from March and awarding a few prizes.

2014 VEB Projections Results: Jaime Garcia

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Joe Kelly

2014 VEB Projections Results: Michael Wacha

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Shelby Miller

*2014 VEB Projections Results: Lance Lynn


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