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A year ago the Cardinals signed Albert Pujols* - A Hunt and Peck


National League Wild Card Series: Philadelphia Phillies v. St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/MLB Photos via Getty Images

A year ago the St. Louis Cardinals signed 42-year-old veteran slugger Albert Pujols. While Pujols is a definite first-ballot Hall of Famer, at that time he hadn’t amassed positive fWAR since 2016. Even though the contract was pretty friendly at 1-year and $2.5 million, the move was considered about controversial — some folks didn’t like the Cardinals paying for what would essentially be a retirement tour.

Of course, we all know what happened next.

To be fair to the doubters, I think even optimists would admit they would have never predicted Albert Pujols to have the season he did. Even after the first half of the season the idea that something special was about to happen seemed like a impossibility. Until it wasn’t.

I found this video I think you all will enjoy that goes over what Pujols accomplished in not just his final season, but really the final two months of his final season. It isn’t too often we are able to see a once-in-a-generation talent pull off a run like that to end a season, but it sure is cool to see him do it wearing the Birds on the Bat once again.

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