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An inning without umpires - A Hunt and Peck

How did a game fare without the iron fist of impartiality?

Pittsburgh Pirates v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

You might remember something like this from your little league days. The game ends with the home team leading, but that kid that has been practicing his pitching never made it into the game. The coaches meet up and agree to finish out the game with the meaningless half inning. Everyone is always up to play more! So your evening finishes up with a little scrimmage for some extra practice because really that is what this is all about.

Well, the same thing happened in the Spring Training game for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Baltimore Orioles. I am sure there is some sort of back story to this that I just don’t know, but by the looks of it, both teams agreed to finish out the game even though technically it was already over. The umpires, however, were not in on this deal — as the broadcasting crew stated, they must have had dinner reservations — so they left. What we were left with is something I cannot recall every seeing in professional baseball: an umpire-less inning.

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