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12 players in St. Louis Cardinals organization are set to play in the World Baseball Classic - A Hunt and Peck

and possibly more to come?

Baseball: World Baseball Classic-Dominican Republic at Puerto Rico Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 World Baseball Classic begins March 8. The tournament will feature 20 countries playing around the world in four pools of five different teams. The pools are:

Pool A: Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Cuba, Italy, Panama
Playing in: Taichung, Taiwan
On: March 8-12

Pool B: Japan, Korea, Australia, China, Czech Republic
Playing in: Tokyo, Japan
On: March 9-13

Pool C: United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Great Britain
Playing in: Phoenix, Arizona
On: March 11-15

Pool D: Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, Nicaragua
Playing in: Miami, Florida
On: March 11-15

The semi-finals will be played March 19-20 in Miami and the championship will also be in Miami on March 21.

I believe there is a limit on how many players from the same organization can participate and it looks like the Cardinals are getting close to it with 12 players so far on WBC rosters (that I could find). Here are the teams where you can watch some of your favorite players:

Dominican Republic
Génesis Cabrera, pitcher

Great Britian
Matt Koperniak, outfielder

Andre Pallante, pitcher

Lars Nootbaar, outfielder

Wilfredo Pereira, pitcher
L. J. Jones, infielder
Iván Herrera, infielder

South Korea
Tommy Edman, infielder

United States
Nolan Arenado, infielder
Paul Goldschmidt, infielder
Miles Mikolas, pitcher
Adam Wainwright, pitcher

While there is some concern that so many players participating in the WCB will be a hurdle for the Cardinals in preparing to start the season, it does give a chance for some extended looks at younger players in Spring Training. Plus, it is unique experience that many players dream about doing.

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