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The annual Scott Rolen for Hall of Fame post - A Hunt and Peck

A tradition like no other.

Astros v Cardinals

Year after year I attempt to make the case that Scott Rolen should be elected to the Hall of Fame. Year after year we get closer, falling just 47 votes shy in 2022. I cannot give up now.

By now I am sure most baseball fans are aware of Scott Rolen’s Hall of Fame Credentials; he reached the WAR threshold, his peak seasons are in line with other Hall of Famers, he has the accolades, the World Series win, and is considered one of the best defensive third baseman of all time. I won’t go over all this again — you and I already know all of this. He has been on the ballot five times. Scott Rolen has waited his turn. 2023 is the time to vote in a top ten third baseman in baseball history.

The obligatory 2004 NLCS home run:

And a video of Rolen discussing his chances:

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