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Adam Wainwright confirms future broadcasting plans (kind of) - A Hunt and Peck

I mean, if you are a gigantic weirdo like me, then he did

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

As he approaches 41 years old Adam Wainwright is likely playing in his final season of professional baseball. During that time — seventeen seasons played, eighteen years total — he has been the man responsible for a lot of great Cardinals memories, on and off the field with his combination of athletic talent and charismatic personality. That mix of traits makes him a great fit to be a broadcaster and in his broadcasting debut during the 2021 MLB Postseason he proved that to everyone.

Adam Wainwright shines in broadcast booth - A Hunt and Peck | Viva El Birdos

It seems like Waino does plan to pursue some type of a broadcasting role after his playing days are through. If you watched his segment with Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes as the two went on Waino’s patented “Day-After-Pitching-Old-Man-Walk” around Truist Park and if you are like me and are very invested in Waino, the Broadcaster, you might have noticed this interaction.

Waino: Yeah, I like the view from up here [the broadcast booth]... I like the view up here a lot better than I like it in there coaching.
Hayes: So you’re saying you’re not gonna coach?
Waino: That’s what I’m sayin’.
Hayes: I’m reading in-between the lines...
Waino: I thought I put that out there pretty blatantly.

So we won’t see Waino doing any coaching anytime soon it sounds like, but personally, I want to hear that man behind a microphone. I hope the Cardinals can make that happen!

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