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Someone found an Adam Wainwright-signed baseball at Busch Stadium - A Hunt and Peck

A baseball hunt!


Have you ever gone to a baseball game and thought: you know what might make this better? The thrill of hidden treasure.

If you have you are in luck because Adam Wainwright has got you covered. You might have seen his tweets about his Day-After-Pitching-Old-Man-Walks around the stadium where he listens to music and... well, walks around the stadium. He has announced he has now added another element to his walks.

I was at the game yesterday, but alas did not find the baseball. I have been investigating Twitter all morning to try to find the lucky winner, but my search has turned up empty so far. I did find some people that found the ball and left it for someone else to find!

If you found the ball and you see this, feel free to respond!

You might have noticed that Waino labeled the ball as “Scavenger Hunt #1”. The implies to me that there will be more. Stay tuned!

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