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Manifesting Scott Rolen into the Hall of Fame - A Hunt and Peck

I’m trying something.

St. Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

It has become this writer’s least favorite tradition: the yearly article about the baseball writers’ failure to elect Scott Rolen to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I have many an article outlining his credentials...

Scott Rolen was really h*cking good at baseball and should be a Hall of Famer - A Hunt and Peck

You may click that link and see the details, but to sum up: at the end of his career Scott Rolen’s overall value per Fangraph’s was higher than many players already in the Hall of fame; Scott Rolen’s peak seasons compare to those of the average Hall of Famer; among third baseman in MLB history Scott Rolen is among the best ever; Scott Rolen has been recognized as one of the best defensive third baseman ever and had been awarded eight Gold Gloves over the course of his career.

I also have written articles with highlight videos for the more visual folks among us that need convinced of Scott Rolen’s Hall of Fame worthiness...

Once again, Scott Rolen likely won’t make the Hall of Fame this year - A Hunt and Peck

Scott Rolen is in the Hall of Fame of my heart - A Hunt and Peck

How do his chances look for 2022? So far he is gaining ground and it looks promising that he will be voted in eventually, but maybe not in 2022. In this discussion between Mark Feinsand, Alyson Footer, Bill Ladson, Will Leitch, and Jon Morosi, the consensus seems to be Rolen will be in by 2024 at the latest (with the exception of Ladson who doesn’t think Rolen is a Hall of Famer Rolen because he “didn’t do enough...” and “was often injured during the latter part of his career”).

Until then I will keep writing about how worthy he is.

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