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Adam Wainwright opposes a pitcher older than him - A Hunt and Peck

It has been awhile!

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day Photo by Doug DuKane/MLB via Getty Images

Adam Wainwright turned 40 years old a few weeks ago. He is the third-oldest pitcher in Major League Baseball this season, the second-oldest starter, and easily the most successful pitcher over the age of 37. It has been awhile since Wainwright opposed a starter with more life-experience than he has. In fact, there is only one other starter this season that would make such a matchup possible. Fate has aligned for this matchup to occur in Monday’s game against the New York Mets.

Between these two starters there are over 3468 innings pitched, 545 starts, 33 seasons (34 if Waino’s missed 2011 season counts), 3155 strikeouts, and over 63 fWAR. And if you really want to take a trip down memory lane:

Hopefully the Cardinals are similarly successful in the re-match.

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