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Is the weather for Cardinals Opening Day always trash? - A Hunt and Peck Investigation

I got the scoop.

Colorado Rockies v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

There is a chill in the air today in St. Louis after some spring storms blew in the area. The gloomy skies threaten more later on in the evening. My first thoughts were “of course” because you cannot have an Opening Day in St. Louis without weather that is total garbage.

Then I got to wondering if that was actually the case. You know that story about thinking about a yellow car and then seeing them everywhere? I think we call it confirmation bias. Was that was was happening here? I set off to find out.

It was actually much more difficult than I anticipated. If there is a rainout, then that game and thereby its weather won’t be recorded which was really what I wanted to know. As far as I can tell — but please enlighten me if I am wrong — there has only been one St. Louis Opening Day rainout in the past 20 years. That was back in 2008.

Just because there were no rainouts does not mean the weather was pleasant, though, so I went through every Opening Day in St. Louis on Baseball Reference and checked their notes on the weather.

Baseball Reference

The ones I marked in yellow I am going to flat-out say are booty. Orange days are questionable, but not great. Every other day looks rather lovely. In 21 seasons (counting this season) there have been seven yucky Opening Days in St. Louis (counting today). So why do I feel like they have all been trash? My guess is it is because they all occurred within a short time frame during a time in my life (high school and college) when I was watching baseball a lot.

Anyway the point of this stupid post is that our own memories are not to be trusted, but that is okay because it is Opening Day!

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