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Hitting fundamentals with former Cardinal Reggie Smith - A Hunt and Peck

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Some Reggie Smith appreciation incoming.

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Today Hunt and Peck really stays true to it’s name. I was stumped on what to write about, so I searched the Internet for anything remotely interesting. That is when I found it — the inspiration, the muse, the subject of today’s post — the tweet I needed:

The tweet roused my curiosity. I had heard of Reggie Smith, but SABR was quite correct that he was in the #UnderratedClub. I certainly did not realized he was that good. Per SABR:

In his 8,051 career plate appearances, Smith produced an OPS+ of 137 with a batting average of .287, an on-base-percentage of .366, and a slugging percentage of .489. That OPS+ figure is tied for 93rd all-time and through the 2015 season, only two switch-hitters in baseball history, Mickey Mantle and Chipper Jones, rank higher. He finished his career with 314 homers. He played in four World Series, and in 81 plate appearances in the fall classic, pounded the ball for a .521 slugging percentage with six home runs; his three homers in the 1977 Series were overshadowed by Reggie Jackson‘s five-homer performance.

In 17 seasons he amassed 64.6 in both fWAR and rWAR. That is more than his former teammate and Hall of Famer Lou Brock. He is at least borderline Hall of Famer and only received .7% of the votes back 1988, according to his Baseball Reference page. He played in four World Series and has six home runs in them.

I was intrigued, to say the least. So my research into Reggie Smith took me to YouTube for videos. That is where I found the instructional video among a few others. Please feel free to view them at your leisure and if anyone has any Reggie Smith stories, I want to read them. Drop your favorite Reggie Smith moments in the comments for me!

Reggie Smith | Society for American Baseball Research

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