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The Cardinals celebrate Halloween! - A Hunt and Peck

My favorite post of the year.

via @Jack9Flaherty and @UncleCharlie50

Every year on November 1 I scour the Internet looking for photos of members of the St. Louis Cardinals in costume. There is one player that never lets me down — in fact, he is the reason for these posts. I have long been documenting the Wainwrights’ fantastic costumes every year. Waino does not disappoint yet again.

Perhaps following in his footsteps though, we have newcomer showing his costumes chops. Some have referred to him as the ace of the St. Louis Cardinals, poised to take over the title from Adam Wainwright. As far as his costumes go, he appears to have what it takes.

Jack Flaherty really brought his A-Game with not one, but two costumes:

The youngster versus the veteran — a battle where everyone wins, especially me.

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