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The Cardinals might be interested in Nolan Arenado - A Hunt and Peck


St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There are three certainties in this world: death, taxes, and rumors about the Cardinals trading for Nolan Arenado. Every year without fail digital inked is spilled on this topic and it is never hard to understand why. It is something fantastical. We just want something wild to happen.

The most recent rumors have been fueled by reports that the Cardinals players are discussing the move, which seems... unusual? I have no idea how much insight the players have into these types of decisions, but before this I would guess not much. Maybe they are just bored too and they are applying my technique of repeating rumors until they manifest into something true.

I am not sure what to make of this rumor. It certainly would seem to be a change of direction from a team that declined a $12 million option for Kolten Wong to trade for a player owed $199 million of the next six seasons. Also of note is Arenado’s no trade clause, though he seems likely to waive it. With the re-signing of Adam Wainwright, maybe the teams feels comfortable in their pieces to make a move (like trading Carlos Martínez). I am grasping at straws here, but hey, I am trying to unpack this.

At the point we are at in, well, our lives right now, I can’t really see this going anywhere, but it is fun to speculate about so let me know what you think!

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