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Yadier Molina says retirement is a possibility - A Hunt and Peck

If the right deal doesn’t come along...

National League Wild Card Game 1: St. Louis Cardinals v. San Diego Padres Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images

One of the main storylines for the Cardinals this offseason has been whether the team will re-sign their veteran catcher Yadier Molina. Many predict the two sides will find a way to make a deal, but the future is still unclear. According to an interview with La Viva Baseball Molina may prefer to “go out on top” if the right deal doesn’t come along.

Please forgive my translation, but I believe the photo says:

“I am training hard, when God says, what more can I do? When God says, what He wants, it is His will for me to come back the I come back and if not, then we retire happy with our heads held high.” ***

*** Those that are certainly much better than me at translating, please feel free to drop a better translation in the comments!

It seems unlikely Molina will retire. Even after 17 seasons in the league he is confident in his skills and strength to play for a few more. Many teams have bought in to the his abilities to call a game and the intangibles a player like Molina brings to a team, particularly a pitching staff (and that isn’t to say that is correctly or incorrectly, just that these are attributes that cannot be easily quantified). If not the Cardinals, another team will pay him to play... and we all know Yadier Molina wants to play.

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