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Remembering Lou Brock - A Hunt and Peck

Rest easy, 20.

St. Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants

A few evenings ago it was announced over the broadcast of a Cardinals game that Hall of Famer Lou Brock had passed away at the age of 81. Sweet Lou was an icon for the St. Louis Cardinals, famously part of a trade with the Chicago Cubs in 1964 that some have dubbed the “most lopsided in history”. Brock went on to play in 16 seasons wearing the birds on the bat before retiring in 1979. Known for his base-stealing ability he led the National League in Stolen bases eight times and held the record for most stolen bases in a single season with 118 and career stolen bases with 938 until both records were eventually broken by Rickey Henderson. In 1978 the league announced the player with the most stolen bases that season would receive the Lou Brock Award making Brock the first active player to have an award named after him. He was a six-time All Star, was a two-time World Series Champion, earning the Babe Ruth Award for his performance in 1967, had a post season batting average of .391 in over 20 games is the highest of any player, and was a Roberto Clemete Award winner. As if his on-field legacy was not enough, he also lent his name to a practical piece of head-wear known as the Brockabrella and he wore the heck outta of it.

Lou Brock was the coolest. He was cooler than the other side of the pillow. He was cooler than a breeze after a warm shower. He is cooler than a drink of water after eating a peppermint. Lou Brock was ice cold cool. He will be missed.

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