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The Cardinals season [redacted] - A Hunt and Peck

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I don’t know, folks.

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

So the Cardinals have coronavirus. That much we know. Among the things we do not know are

  1. Which Cardinals have it?
  2. Where did they contract it?
  3. Will the Cardinals be allowed to play ever again?

There is not a lot of reason to focus on the first two questions. From what we have been able to learn about this virus over the last 10 months or so since humans first began falling ill with it is that tracking down the source can be tricky to impossible. Could the Cardinals have contracted it on a golfing trip on their day off? Maybe. They also could have gotten it from travelling on a plane or going to the grocery store or getting food from a restaurant or from a spouse that works an essential job. Speculating on it in an effort to place blame and assign fault is a pointless exercise and one in which I will not engage.

It would be naive to think that baseball could have a season without players testing positive for the virus. Due to the nature of the virus and the nature of baseball, that would be an impossible feat. We wanted baseball back, the owners wanted to make money, the players wanted to make money — this is the cost. Some players chose not to take that risk. These outbreaks have been a cold reminder why. People were and are going to get sick. It is just a matter of how many sick people the parties involved will be willing to accept.

So the Cardinals will move forward. When is still unclear. The team plans to play in Detroit at some point, though the team is still awaiting test results.

What happy moments did I count!
Blest was I then all bliss above!
Now, for that consecrated fount
Of murmuring, sparkling, living love,
What have I? shall I dare to tell?
A comfortless and hidden well.

From “A Complaint”, by William Wordsworth

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