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Did the Cardinals ruin my happy post with another positive COVID test? - A Hunt and Peck

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The Cardinals might play Friday or no or what?

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Workouts Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been like me during this Cardinals COVID outbreak journey, you might have been keeping tabs on the Cardinals team plane. If you have, you will have noticed it now has a scheduled flight! Tomorrow morning it is set to come to St. Louis and leave for Chicago at noon. The team has not had any positive* tests since Sunday so maybe possibly the Cardinals are going to play?

*lol Bob

Also Dylan Carlson:

LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING THIS THE CARDINALS HAVE ANOTHER POSITIVE. I refused to re-write this because this is so ridiculous, folks.

The flight to Chicago was just canceled.


Or was it? I am so confused.

I guess we will have to see? In the meantime, Adam Wainwright has been finding ways to get work in should the Cardinals ever play again.

How fun would it be to live in that sub-division? At least they get to watch a St. Louis Cardinal play baseball.

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