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An ode to the Cardinals cheap drink promotion - A Hunt and Peck

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Because I have to be dramatic.

MLB: JUL 08 Cardinals Summer Camp

Some might say you are but a drink
But to me you are much more
Without you all I can think
Is of how things were before.
Retrieving both my quarters
And making the exchange
Then walking away content.
Now the season is even shorter
And everything is strange.
Better days have come and went.

Is this a weird thing to miss?
A cheap drink promotion?
Forgetting it would be remiss
Though an Ode is a lot of devotion...
But what do you expect?
The Cardinals cannot score six
Suffering from a virus that’s gone global.
So now I must reflect
And maybe get a new shtick
Besides $0.50 drinks from On the Run and Mobil?

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