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The Cardinals finally receive COVID test results - A Hunt and Peck

We’re talking about practice, man.

MLB: JUL 07 Cardinals Summer Camp

The Cardinals quest to take the field for practice has been a compelling one in recent days. Several postponements were the subject of much attention. With the pandemic still raging on around us, the delays brought many questions to folks’ minds. The first delay happened Monday evening, but the club was quickly able to reschedule:

The Cardinals were looking to add players to the roster, but had wait on testing results.

On Tuesday, the practice was delayed again, seemingly due to testing results.

Testing is going to be a key element to safely conducting a baseball season. It is a little alarming that so far in this limited setting that is hosting a practice that it has been taking so long to get test results.

The Cardinals were able to practice though, and add players to the roster.

Overall it is good news that the mini-outbreak the Cardinals saw on one of their flights appears to be contained to just the two players. It still remains to be seen if baseball is going to be able to safely pull off this season. It is early, but if that is to be the case, the turnaround on testing is going to have to speed up. This is just practice, man.

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