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Former Cardinal Joe Kelly argues with Astros Carlos Correa - A Hunt and Peck

It was excellent.

New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

I want to preface all of this by saying I do not condone throwing at another player ever. The Astros are big ole cheaters, but no one should be throwing at them.

I do think that using your words is acceptable. Players, feel free to talk as much trash as you like. Smack talk is endlessly more satisfying to me than seeing someone get hit, too. It is certainly more creative and it puts the two players on an even ground. No one has to get hurt, we all get to have fun. The Astros probably don’t like it and I don’t blame them, but, considering very few of the players involved suffered any consequences, getting their feelings hurt is probably the worst thing that happens to them. If that is the case, and I think it should be, I think they will survive. This is my stance on retaliation. Use your words, not your fists — or hurling projectiles.

I say all that because I am going to share with you Joe Kelly’s escapades against the Astros on Tuesday evening. It is worth mentioning Kelly was close to hitting a few Astros players. Maybe it was intentional, but something tells me Kelly’s command is just a little lacking...

Now that we have introduced all the characters, I bring you main event:

I am not going to say this is not immature and silly — oh, it definitely is. I don’t mind it though. 2020 is gonna be weird. Maybe we should just embrace it... or something.

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