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14 Miami Marlins test positive for COVID-19 after MLB opening weekend - A Hunt and Peck

Pretty bad!

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball season began this past weekend and it appeared to be going smoothly. While no fans were able to attend, the games could still be seen on television. Some teams even had clever ideas to make the games seem as “normal” as possible.

Completely normal stuff here.

Despite and maybe a little bit due to the weirdness, Opening Weekend appeared to be a huge success. Players and umpires appeared to not have any problem with the new rules and it was baseball as usual.

For a weekend, people were almost able to forget the looming issue that has plagued the world since late 2019. It remained in the back of everyone’s mind, though along with a pretty big question:

What does the league do when players start testing positive now?

Unfortunately, we are going to find out very soon. Here is the play-by-play, via Twitter:

This became a mess rather quickly. It appears the season will continue, but a team outbreak just four days into the season does not seem like a very good sign of things to come.

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