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Tommy Herr, John Tudor, and Bill White added to Cardinals Hall of Fame - A Hunt and Peck

Three more former players earned a Red Jacket.

Tommy Herr St. Louis Cardinals Photo by St. Louis Cardinals, LLC/Getty Images

As you have likely heard already, the Cardinals have added three more players to the franchise Hall of Fame: Tommy Herr, John Tudor, and Bill White. Both Herr and Tudor were selected by the fans via an online ballot. White was chosen by the Red Ribbon committee, a group of media member and former Cardinals managers.

More-so than the players added, the major discussion was centered around who was not. Most notable was the lack of fan support for Keith Hernandez. Steve Carlton, Matt Morris, Edgar Rentería, and Lee Smith also did not make the cut. stlcardsfan4 discussed some of these players among others that were overlooked in his post on Monday.

Eventually all the Cardinals greats will make it in. It is inevitable. Until then, we can still be salty about who is left out.

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