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Let’s talk about stuff (like baseball?) - A Hunt and Peck

That is why we are here!

Miami Marlins v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

There is not a lot of baseball news right now. The biggest, of course, is the struggle to agree on how baseball should resume. The proposal that had been recently unveiled has been said to request a reduction in salary for the players, which, understandably, was not well-received by the players. That is about where we are at with baseball.

How are you, though? What are some things you have been interested in while baseball is away? Have you picked up any hobbies? Have you learned anything new? Did you watch the KBO games that have aired on ESPN2? If so, how did you like it?

As I have mentioned before, I have been exploring more poetry. I have found another poem I enjoyed and wanted to share. I was was published in Poetry Magazine in May of 1948 and was written by Oliver Evans. It is titled “Old Men Watching Baseball” and it starts like this:

Huddled together for comfort on warm park benches
They sit in the inappropriate noonday sun
With sagging souls and bellies, wearily watching
The baseball boys in bright and agile bronze,
Uneasy knowledge in them of a time
When they, like these, could hit and fitly run
For beckoning bases. Playing then was prime
Before the fast and curving years descended
Upon them one by one, and struck them out.

The second paragraph is more figurative language, reminiscing about an earlier time when the “old men” were younger and playing baseball themselves, with old men watching them play baseball. It is just really lovely and I wanted you all to be able to read it:

O baseball boys, see here your final score!
For we grew faces in our flowery years
Soft-smooth as yours, our limbs were likewise limber,
Our throats as statuesque, our muscles moved
As mightily, our waists were just as slender.
Our voices carried, and we played as long
As sunlight lasted, heedless of the fears
Of old men whispering on the twilight benches.

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