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Wait, wait, wait — what is this about a “Universal DH”? - A Hunt and Peck

Hold on just a gosh darn minute.

World Series Game 5: Boston Red Sox v. St. Louis Cardinals

If you are like me, you might spend your weekends away from the computer. Maybe working on some projects, catching up on shows, doing some reading. If you are not like me in that way, I ask you to just try your best to imagine my surprise when I looked at the Viva El Birdos home page and saw an article by J.P. Hill titled “Making the Most of a Universal DH”.

What in the world is this now?

At the time the article was posted J.P. was just speculating that would be the case based on the rigors a shortened season would have the players. It turned out to be a pretty logical assumption:

It is likely happening, at least in 2020. What does that mean for the National League going forward, though? For years the adding the designated hitter to the National League has been a hotly debated topic. Could a shortened season be just the kick start the movement needed to make it happen for good?


Should the National League adopt the Designated Hitter for 2020?

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  • 46%
    (259 votes)
  • 53%
    (298 votes)
557 votes total Vote Now


Should the National League adopt the Designated Hitter for good?

This poll is closed

  • 30%
    (170 votes)
  • 69%
    (389 votes)
559 votes total Vote Now

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