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MLB hoping to resume July 1 - A Hunt and Peck

We shall wait and see.

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NHL: San Jose Sharks at St. Louis Blues Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball operations are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we might be seeing some baseball operations return in the next few months. While some plans had been floated about having all teams take turns playing in three different ballparks in warm weather locations like Arizona and Texas, the idea of relocating away from their families was not extremely popular among players. That idea has mostly been quashed and it is looking increasingly likely the only move will be to wait until it is safe for players to play in their home ballparks, just perhaps without fans.

So far this has been the most solid start date we have gotten. State governments have been unveiling plans to slowly reopen after the shutdown, though it remains to be seen just when and how those plans will be implemented. Even with government permission, it will be up to Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Union on what they deem is appropriate.

It is looking more likely that there will be baseball in 2020 though. For now we just sit tight, keep up the good work social distancing, wait, and hope.

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