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Paul DeJong, science, baseball, and kids - A Hunt and Peck

Did you know he majored in biochemistry?

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A few years ago there were several articles written about Paul DeJong and his work with Dr. Lawrence Rocks, a chemist. Doc Rocks son is Burton Rocks, who is Paul DeJong’s agent.

(I love this.)

You might remember DeJong was a biology major at Illinois State University, so his interest in science is more than just a hobby — at one he intended to make a career out of it. Back in 2018 DeJong and Dr. Rocks partnered up to test a theory that baseballs move further in warmer weather. There are no images of this collaboration in the library I am allowed to chose from, but feel free to click her for photos of Dejong and Doc Rocks in lab coats.

As a professional baseball player Paul DeJong hopes to use his platform to inspire kids to take an interest in science and motivate those that already have a passion for it. DeJong wants to take his two interests — baseball and science — and use them to work on another goal: helping children. Just last season he famously broke the ‘M’ of the Big Mac sign and paid for it by donating $20,000 to the Ronald McDonald House — a program designed specifically to aid in the health and well-being of children.

With baseball temporarily postponed there is more time for DeJong to dedicate to his interests. Per Anne Rogers of

DeJong launched an education initiative Wednesday to encourage kids to keep learning at home by showing how baseball and science are connected. In his introductory video, DeJong encourages kids to submit videos with their baseball-related science questions.

For those of you stuck at home looking for fun things to do with your kids, maybe send Paul DeJong a video of your science questions!

Big shoutout to JDog for sending me this!

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