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The Cardinals that fans loved to hate - A Hunt and Peck

Which Cardinals were the fans least favorite?

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Atlanta Braves v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Michael Thomas/Getty Images

It does not happen often, but occasionally someone will take me up on my request for links. The suggestions are very often lovely and really enjoy them. Recently ncgostl sent me something I thought you all might like. It is a community post from Fangraphs by a Cardinals fan named Kyle Sharamitaro. Kyle, inspired by an article about a similar subject regarding the Giants penned by Grant Brisbee of The Athletic, laid out a list of former Cardinals that were not well-received by Cardinals fans. He called them The Tino Martinez All-Stars — an apt choice. You can read the whole thing here.

This article got me thinking on how to take this another step further. There are players that fans loved to complain about. Sometimes it was because of the quality of their play, but most of the time it seemed to be due to reasons that are harder to quantify. What are some of the latter players; players fans loved to complain about, but never really deserved it? Let’s try to think of some!

The player that immediately comes to mind for me is Matt Holliday. In eight seasons with the Cardinals, Holliday hit for a slash line of .293/.380/.494, good for a 138 OPS+ per Baseball Reference, but it seemingly took many years for the Cardinals fans to warm up to the left fielder. I think part of that is one of people’s earliest memory of him was a crucial misplay in the 2009 NLDS. Yeah, you know the one. Another complaint I often heard was about his contract and the cost (which ended up being a great deal for the Cardinals). Then there were other unfortunate events in untimely moments like the moth in the ear or getting picked off and injured in the World Series. Many complaints were that Holliday was not a clutch player, that he did not perform in the postseason (his postseason slash line is .245/.303/.421, to be somewhat fair to that argument), or that he didn’t have A Moment.

I would argue the only reason it seemed like Matt Holliday did not have A Moment was because he had so many Moments. In fact, I think we should watch some.

5/4/16: Cardinals walk off on Holliday’s single

(I will never forget when michael681999 posted this video on YouTube for me!)

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