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The St. Louis Cardinals are the seventh most valuable team in MLB - A Hunt and Peck

According to Forbes...

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League Championship Series - Washington Nationals v St Louis Cardinals - Game Two Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

According to the Forbes annual franchise valuations the St. Louis Cardinals are worth around $2.2 billion. This is an increase from the $2.1 million Forbes valued the team at in 2019. Like 2019, this valuation ranks the Cardinals seventh in all of Major League Baseball behind the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs, Giants, and Mets.

An interesting part of this calculation is the revenue. The Cardinals ranked eighth among all teams in that category, bringing in $383 million and $72 million in operating income.

As a whole, baseball holds steady. All but two teams — the Marlins and the Pirates — saw no change or increases in their valuation. While the loss of revenues from ticket sales and concessions does negative impact revenues, the extent of that loss is varies according to the number of games that could be played. Per Forbes:

Revenue from other sources—namely, ticket and concession sales—would be tethered to the number of games played, which will inflict some pain, but even that isn’t likely to hurt profitability too badly, after an agreement with the players’ union added some cost certainty as teams continue to pay ballpark employees.

The reality changes if there are far fewer games played, or if a portion of the season has to be played in empty ballparks. In this scenario, some teams could lose a lot of money because of plummeting local revenue. All options remain on the table.

Revenues in baseball have been increasing for many years, and this last year was no different. 2020 there is more uncertainty, though, as baseball stadiums continue to be empty as players, coaches, and fans shelter at home. The dog days of summer await and spring marches on. Whether or not baseball comes with it remains to be seen.

Despite Lockdown, MLB Teams Gain Value In 2020 | Forbes

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