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MLB: APR 05 Diamondbacks at Cardinals Photo by Jimmy Simmons/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Viva El Birdos is a Cardinals blog known for a few things, but among one of the strongest elements of our #brand is our love for Jim Edmonds. This is due largely in part, I think, to our former Overlord Craig Edwards appreciation for the former Cardinals centerfielder. He was all in on Edmonds’s Hall of Fame campaign. When Jimmy Ballgame was booted off the ballot after just one year, the usually cool Craig made his disgust clear in this post.

While Craig has taken his talents to Fangraphs, his legacy lives on at VEB. Our love for Jim Edmonds is unrivaled. We even have shirts. Perhaps it was the frosted tips. Maybe it was his prowess at the plate. Maybe it was the clutch moments or the stellar catches. Maybe it was the half shirt. Either way, the man found his way into our hearts.

Jim Edmonds is currently awaiting test results to see if he has contracted coronavirus: COVID-19 and appears to be receiving treatment for pneumonia:

Here’s wishing the former Cardinal and current Cardinals broadcaster a speedy recovery!

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